MqCollab Extension

This extension is not distributed with Mercurial.

Author: ChristopheEymard


Requires Mercurial ≥ late version, don't know which exactly


This extension defines commands and overrides some of the mq plugin to ease the process of dealing with various patch queues, in the case that each developper working on the project has his own.

Its goal is allowing one to import patches from the queue of a co-worker, be able to see if there is a new version of it (if the co-worker made changes) and "synchronize" the patch easily (ie; copying it again) when there is.

qrefresh is overriden to prevent the user from refreshing on a patch he doesn't own.

qseries is overriden to display the patches' status.

Three commands are added ; qsync, qfetchall and qinclude.

It is recommended to activate the ColorExtension.

For now, to mark a patch as coming from another queue, it was decided to add ".<queue-name>" at the end of a patch name.


Configure your .hgrc to enable the extension by adding following lines:

mqcollab = /path/to/


mq qseries will tell you the status of the patches that come from other queue (< if your version is older than the other queue's, = if you are up-to-date, > if you have a newer version - this case is not good)

mq qsync will copy the patches when you're out of date

mq qrefreshall will do hg pull && hg up on all the inactive queues (except patches).

mq qrefresh is overriden to prevent you from refreshing over a patch that comes from another queue.


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