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Multicore Plan

Adding multicore support for Mercurial

1. Introduction

Various Mercurial operations could be faster if they were able to run on multiple cores. These include:

Given that CPU cores are no longer getting significantly faster, using multiple cores allows using the available processing power of a workstation more efficiently.

2. Strategy

Unfortunately, there is no standard paradigm that lets us easily and efficiently use multiple cores.

So our strategy will be to use a hybrid approach: fork() on Unix and Python threads on Windows. This hybrid will be called a "worker" and will be subject to the constraints of both models:

Workers are managed by a generic dispatcher function that takes a work function and a list of jobs. The dispatcher creates a worker pool, farms out jobs to available workers, collects and combines results, and shuts down the pool on completion.

Code that wants to support multicore should implement a single path (ie worker function) using the dispatcher for both single-threaded and multicore use.

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