Multirepo Extension

This extension is not being distributed along with Mercurial.

Author: Iain Lowe



Multirepo is a Mercurial extension that allows affecting multiple repositories simultaneously. All commands that affect other repositories (push, paths, out and bundle) are wrapped.


If has been installed in your PYTHONPATH, activate the extension in .hgrc:


Otherwise, the full path to the extension will need to be specified:

multirepo = path/to/


Add paths to target to .hgrc in the multirepo section; attributes starting with path. are interpreted as targets for multirepo:

[multirepo] = /path/to/a/repo
path.another = /path/to/another/repo

The default path (or default-push if it is defined) is included in the list of paths to this extension will target unless you set include.default to False:

include.default = False = /path/to/a/repo
path.another = /path/to/another/repo

All wrapped commands affect all targets unless a specific target is given on the command-line.


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