Mutable Branches

This extension is not distributed with Mercurial.

Author: Gideon Sireling


1. Overview

The mutable-branches extension allows named branches to be renamed, without rewriting history. Renamings are tracked by a file in the working directory.

2. Installation

Clone the repository to your local hard drive, or simply download Then add the following to your mercurial.ini or .hgrc:

mutable-branches = path/to/

3. Renaming Branches

To start renaming branches, create a file called .hgbranches in the root of the working directory, and check it in. Each line in .hgbranches consists of a space-delimited pair such as oldBranch newBranch. If the branch name contains spaces, it should be quoted.

There are no changes to Mercurial's UI, other than not scolding the user when they create a new branch.

4. Local Branches

If the user creates a local branch which they do not intend pushing, it can be recorded in .hg/localbranches. Local renamings override repository renamings.

5. Future Development

Other fields could be added to .hgbranches, such as the branch's description or owner.


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