This extension is not distributed with Mercurial.

Author: John W.

Repository: http://bitbucket.org/jwdevel/qsmooth/


qsmooth is a Mercurial extension to make cleaning up patch queues easier.

Motivating example:

  1. Suppose you have a clean patch queue, with the patches A, B, C.
  2. You update to B ('qgoto B').
  3. You do some work and create a new patch, B2, on top of B.
  4. This means that C no longer cleanly applies. Oh no!

A common solution is to apply C, look at the .rej files that are generated, and manually fix things. Then 'qrefresh' C and continue on your way.

This works for one-off or small conflicts, but becomes annoying and time-consuming when dealing with such a situation often, or when there are many changes to incorporate.

qsmooth is meant to improve this process, taking advantage of Mercurial's full merge machinery to clean up (or 'smooth out') your patch queue.

qsmooth uses the 'rebase' extension to do the hard work.

Note: if you find qsmooth useful, you may also be interested in the QteaseExtension.


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