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[DIFF] 18:58 [INFO] RaphaelGomes [1-2]
YuyaNishihara [3]
[DIFF] 13:04 [INFO] NavaneethSuresh add patch url for expect
[DIFF] 21:12 [INFO] PulkitGoyal [1-4] #04 add a new idea
[DIFF] 16:43 [INFO] AntonShestakov versions in .deb-based distros, make deb and docker targets
[DIFF] 17:14 [INFO] rcl archive entries older than version 4.7
[DIFF] 17:14 [INFO] rcl [1]
AntonShestakov [2]
#01 archive entries older than version 4.7
#02 relnotes 4.9rc0 --stoprev 4.9
[DIFF] 17:09 [INFO] rcl archive entries from 2017 and some from 2018
[DIFF] 17:08 [INFO] rcl archive items from 2017 & 2018
[DIFF] 02:48 [INFO] YuyaNishihara [1-2]
AntonShestakov [3]
#02 collect new features I know
#03 subrepos.allowed=fal se
[DIFF] 16:30 [INFO] AugieFackler [1]
PulkitGoyal [2]
#01 Sharing a link to my hgrc snippet for the accept process. Please feel encouraged to add other configuration snippets.
#02 add developer category because page was hard to find
[DIFF] 12:35 [INFO] Sire added link to plugin that supports visual studio 2017
[DIFF] 04:09 [INFO] MattHarbison Add a note about keeping py2 and py3 builds separate
[DIFF] 20:32 [INFO] KyleLippincott [1-2]
[DIFF] 10:23 [INFO] KimRandell Updated example code to use registrar instead of deprecated cmdutil.
[DIFF] 10:00 [INFO] techtonik Gmane is dead
[DIFF] 06:44 [INFO] techtonik [1-3] #01 config -> hgconfig is dead (no repo), hgcfg is there
#02 color is obsolete, hgcia is dead
#03 move cedit into configuration management


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