Mercurial 4.4 release

1. Notable changes

1.1. Control whitespace settings for annotation on hgweb

/annotate URLs on hgweb now accept query string arguments to influence how whitespace changes impact results.

The arguments "ignorews," "ignorewsamount," "ignorewseol," and "ignoreblanklines" now have the same meaning as their [annotate] config section counterparts. Any provided setting overrides the server default.

HTML checkboxes have been added to the paper and gitweb themes to expose current whitespace settings and to easily modify the current view.

1.2. Fast, heuristic copy-tracing

A new fast heuristic algorithm for copytracing which assumes that the files moves are either:

  1. renames in the same directory
  2. moves in other directories with same names

You can use this algorithm by setting 'experimental.copytrace=heuristics'. This setting performs full copytracing if both source and destination branches contains non-public changesets only.

1.3. Other changes

2. Backwards Compatibility Changes

3. Bug Fixes

4. Performance Improvements

5. API Changes

5.1. remove peer.batch()

Replace with peer.iterbatch().

5.2. Other Changes

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