Mercurial 4.5 release

1. New Features

1.1. revert --interactive

The revert command now accepts the flag --interactive to allow reverting only some of the changes to the specified files.

1.2. Accessing hidden changesets

Set config option 'experimental.directaccess = True' to access hidden changesets from read only commands.

1.3. githelp extension

The githelp extension provides the hg githelp command. This command attempts to convert a git command to its Mercurial equivalent. The extension can be useful to Git users new to Mercurial.

1.4. Largefiles changes

1.5. hgweb changes

hgweb now shows more information about commits: phase (if it's not public), obsolescence status (with a short explanation and links to the successors) and instabilities (e.g. orphan, phase-divergent or content-divergent).

Client-side graph code has been simplified by delegating more work to the backend, so /graph page is now more in sync with /log page, visually and feature-wise. Unfortunately, this code change means that 3rd-party themes for 4.5+ are required to have graphentry.tmpl template available (copy it from the base theme if you don't use %include and then reference it in map file) and render entries in graph.tmpl -- look at one of the core themes to see what it needs to look like. JS functions that create graph vertices and edges are now available in Graph.prototype, making it possible to call the original functions from custom theme-specific functions if needed.

Graph now shows different symbols for normal, branch-closing, obsolete and unstable commits, and marks currently checked out commit with a circle around its graph node.

There's also now json-graph API endpoint that can be used for rendering commit graph in 3rd-party applications.

1.6. Other Changes

2. Backwards Compatibility Changes

3. Bug Fixes

4. API Changes

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