This extenstion easily allow to deal with release management from mercurial command line by automatizating some tasks (tagging, archiving, version file creation, ...)

1. Status

This extension is not distributed with Mercurial. (maybe someday you can delete "not" here)

Author: Florent Captier


Web page:

2. Overview

hg release [OPTIONS]

Automatize tasks to easily release and share a revision of a repository

 The standard behaviour is to add a new tag to the repository by incrementing the last "versioning tag" (i.e. formatted like "[text][number].[number]'')
 and then to create a gzipped tar archive of the versionned content. A file will be automatically added to the archive containing the created tag in order
 to allow the final user to know the version os his static content.


 -r --rev               Revision number to deal with (default: tip)
 -M --major             Indicates if this is a major release (otherwise will be a minor one)
    --no-archive        Don't create an archive for the release
    --archive-path      Gives the root path where the archive will be created (default: .)
    --archive-prefix    Prefix of the archive which will be created, you may want to give the convenient name of your project. If empty the name of the repository directory will be used.
    --no-tag            Don't create a new tag for the release, use the existing one (or the revision number if none) instead
    --tag-prefix        Prefix of the tag to be created, by default it will retrieve the prefix of the last commited tag, if none it will be "v"
    --version-basename  Basename of the file to be created in the archive to contain the tag string (default: version)

3. Configuration

Configure your .hgrc to enable the extension by adding following lines:


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