Releasenotes extension

1. Overview

This extension allows automatic generation of release notes by tagging commit messages to a release notes area.

2. Configuration

Configure your .hgrc to enable the extension by adding following lines:


The extension consists of default sections:

fix = Bug fixes
feature = New Features
perf = Performance Improvements
bc = Backwards Compatibility Changes
api = API Changes

For adding custom sections, add a file .hgreleasenotes to the project's root directory. To specify the custom admonitions, use the following format.

section1 = Title of Section 1
section2 = Title of Section 2

In order to change the title of any of the default sections, just specify the existing admonition with a new title in the .hgreleasenotes file and it will override the default title.

3. Usage

The extension parses reStructuredText sections from commit messages to generate release notes. The user will hence need to add admonitions to commit messages.

commands: fix some things which are not right (issue1234)

If one has the above commit message for fixing issue 1234 and want to add something which can be added to release notes, one can add admonitions as used below.

commands: fix some things which are not right (issue1234)

.. fix:: Issue 1234

   Fixes things which had wrong behaviour.

Note: Use 3 spaces to indent the notes under admonition. Tab set as 4 spaces also work.

Now when someone/you will run the command hg releasenotes <FILENAME>, the following will be added to the release notes file:

Bug Fixes

Issue 1234

Fixes things which had wrong behaviour.

For any further help, you can use hg releasenotes -h

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