Ghid de utilizare Mercurial

Note: (@TODO: de corectat) - CMS - „Content Management System” ?= „Sistem de Management al Conținutului” (noțiune diferită de ce este Mercurial). - SCM - „Software Configuration Management” ?= program de Management al Configurațiilor Soft

Acest ghid este o inroducere în utilizarea Mercurial.

This tutorial is an introduction to using Mercurial. We don't assume any particular background in using SCM software.

After you work through this tutorial, you should have a grasp of the following:

It is also strongly recommended that you have a look at the Mercurial man pages hg(1) and hgrc(5), which are also available in the release tarballs as doc/hg.1.html and doc/hgrc.5.html. You can also use hg help <command> on the command line.

The tutorial is split into the following pages:

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