Search history for keywords

hg log has a keyword search feature that scans commit filenames, users, and descriptions:

$ hg log -k bug -k
changeset: 2857:18cf5349a361
user: Alexis S. L. Carvalho <>
date: Sat Aug 12 08:53:23 2006 -0300
summary: Fix some bugs introduced during the manifest refactoring

changeset: 1650:f2ebd5251e88
user: Peter van Dijk <>
date: Sun Jan 29 00:18:52 2006 +0100
summary: changed template escape filter, added urlescape filter; audited all templates for insertion bugs; added note to about newlines in filenames

changeset: 1451:54e4b187f69c
user: Matt Mackall <>
date: Tue Oct 25 22:15:44 2005 -0700
summary: Remove old manifest diff code, it's now buggy

Note: hgweb's search box will also scan for keywords, tags, revisions, or changeset IDs.


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