Site Extension

The Site extension offers an easy way to create static sites with information about a repository and to upload them to an FTP server.

Static sites with the site extension only require a simple HTTP server with FTP access and they can be cloned like any other (dumb) http repository.


This extension is not distributed with Mercurial.

Author: ArneBab

Repository and site:



The goal of the site extension is to minimize the requirements for sharing a Mercurial repository. All you need is a webserver which can serve static content over HTTP and to which you can upload files via FTP.

On top of this basic setup it replicates as many capabilities of more complex setups like bitbucket. Currently that includes:


site = /full/path/to/hgsite/


To create a basic static site, use

hg site [-n <sitename>] [<target-dir>]

To upload the repo, just use

hg push ftp://username:password@host.tld/path/to/repo --sitename <sitename>

For more information, see the integrated help

hg help site

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