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Custom Configuration of Sets of Repositories in .hgrc

This page summarizes a lengthy discussion on the developer mailing list. It originated with issue 918: Option to copy some of .hg/hgrc upon local clone.

What's the idea?

One often has several local clones of the same project. Sometimes these clones all require the same extra configuration in their local .hg/hgrc files ([email] to=mercurial-devel@selenic.com for all clones of hg, for instance). It's easy to forget adding that when creating a new clone. The idea now is to:

Obviously, this defines a notion of sets of clones where such extra configuration should apply, as opposed to others where it does not.

Key issues:

Recap Of Discussion Up To Jan 15, 2008

Copy elements from .hg/hgrc on local clone

This was the initial proposal. A repo's .hg/hgrc would contain instructions as to which of its elements to copy over when cloned locally. See issue 918 for details.

This proposal stands apart from the others:

Grouping Mechanisms

We discussed two approaches which both apply extra config to qualifying repositories dynamically. They differ in the selector by which repos are included in a set (grouped):

Definition Of Sets

We discussed:

hg = ~/dev/hg/
afc = ~/dev/afc/, /public/repos/afc/ # multiple selectors
nb = glob:/sources/netbeans/*
jdk = re:.*/jdk/.*
jcite = rev0:b626de8b95d1

Note that in the last example, there is no need to support all the listed selector options. And I didn't list the other explicit definition syntax proposals here because this one seems least likely to cause problems with special characters like : in selectors.

Configuration Location

We discussed these approaches for where to keep the extra config:

log = -M

to = mercurial-devel@selenic.com

hg = ~/.hgrc-hg, ~/.hgrc-python
afc = ~/.hgrc-java
jcite = ~/.hgrc-java, ~/.hgrc-sourceforge

What Now?

I, Peter Arrenbrecht, favor a first implementation using just:

hg = ~/dev/hg/ # path prefix as default and only option for selecting repos
afc = ~/dev/afc/, /public/repos/afc/ # multiple selectors allowed

hg = ~/.hgrc-hg, ~/.hgrc-python
afc = ~/.hgrc-java
jcite = ~/.hgrc-java, ~/.hgrc-sourceforge

I think Jesse Glick favors the variants using [section@set-name] in ~/.hgrc, but I guess he could accept the above [set] element.

Maxim Dounin thinks introducing sets and section suffixes is overkill, and still suggests much more simple syntax:

/path/prefix = /path/to/included/config

Where Matt stand now, I have no idea.

Note that my and Jesse's favorites could coexist, but I think that would be overkill for a feature that will likely not see that much use in practice.


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