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Steering Committee

How the Mercurial project is governed.

1. Purpose

The steering committee was created in 2016 to set project policy, manage project resources, and delegate access for project roles. This group legally represents the project to our parent nonprofit, the Software Freedom Conservancy and is self-selecting. It is expected that, outside of handling of access to project resources (for example, reviewer status or IRC operator status) and disbursing funds available to the project from our account at conservancy, the steering committee will have minimal need to be involved in the day to day management of Mercurial, but instead the project will be run by the community, coordinated by the committers and reviewers.

2. Current members

As of July 2017, the members are:

  • Augie Fackler
  • Gregory Szorc
  • Kevin Bullock
  • Mads Kiilerich
  • Martin von Zweigbergk
  • Matt Mackall
  • Yuya Nishihara

3. How to reach the Steering Committee

The best way is via email to mercurial-steering AT mercurial-scm.org.

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