Shelve Extension

/!\ Mercurial 2.8 and later include a different ShelveExtension.

This extension is not distributed with Mercurial.

Author: TK Soh (<teekaysoh AT gmail DOT com>)

Current maintainer: Oleg Oshmyan (<chortos AT inbox DOT lv>)


1. Overview

The shelve extension provides the shelve command to let you choose which parts of the changes in a working directory you'd like to set aside temporarily, at the granularity of patch hunks. You can later restore the shelved patch hunks using the unshelve command.

The shelve extension has been adapted from Mercurial's RecordExtension.

2. Compatibility with Mercurial


Shelve Extension

2.9.x -

62eece7dd02f or later

2.7.x - 2.8.x

62eece7dd02f to 175cd3ae9e53

2.2.x - 2.6.x

53dbf2e68dc6 to f482f58b8054

1.9.x - 2.1.x

53dbf2e68dc6 to 80217a869c9b

1.6.x - 1.8.x

41e13e800fb6 to 3d7a2a3ae9a5






18815655993b to 3920be7ffb42

1.1.x - 1.2.x


< 1.1.x


The source repository has tags denoting the last changesets compatible with particular versions of Mercurial.

3. Configuration

Configure your .hgrc to enable the extension by adding following lines:


or place in your 'hgext' directory and add the following lines:


If you use the win32text extension, make sure you have the following lines in your .hgrc or mercurial.ini. This enables automatic line-ending translation when applying patches.

eol = auto

4. Usage

(this is only a description of the basic usage)

hg shelve

Temporarily stash away changes. You can select the exact hunks of changes you want to shelve.

hg shelve --all

Temporarily stash away changes. All hunks will automatically be selected.

hg unshelve

Get the changes back into the workdir.

4.1. Shelves

Different changesets can be saved to different shelves, by using the --name parameter. Without this parameter, the shelf name "default" is used. You can have any number of shelves at one time.

hg shelve --name myshelf

Temporarily stash away changes to the shelf myshelf. Any changes already shelved to a different shelf will not be included.

hg shelve --name myshelf --append

Add any changes to the existing shelf myshelf.

hg unshelve --name myshelf

Get the changes stashed away to the shelf myshelf back into the workdir, and remove the shelf. Any changes shelved to a different shelf will not be included.

hg shelve --list

List all current shelves.

4.2. Hunk selection

y - shelve this change
n - skip this change

s - skip remaining changes to this file
f - shelve remaining changes to this file

d - done, skip remaining changes and files
a - shelve all changes to all remaining files
q - quit, shelveing no changes

? - display help

5. See also


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