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  1. Search history for keywords

  2. Create a bundle of all changes

  3. Looking inside bundle files

  4. Find common ancestor of two revisions

  5. Using vimdiff to view single diffs

  6. Using rsync to 'push' and 'pull'

  7. Pruning dead branches

  8. Generate a diff between two repositories

  9. Adding a commit message template

  10. See diffs when editing commit message with VIM

  11. See diffstat of pulled changes

  12. Handling OpenDocument (OpenOffice.org, Koffice, ...) files

  13. Concatenating multiple changesets into one changeset

  14. Recreate hardlinks between two repositories

  15. Merging two unrelated repositories

  16. Handling Mac resource files

  17. Fixing case collisions on Windows

  18. Visualizing whether someone else committed any change in web interface

  19. Manually unpacking a changeset bundle created by 'hg strip'

  20. Specialities on Filesystems like Windows, Andrew AFS

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