This is a condensed set of impressions distilled from the UserSurvey. This page does not focus on what people like about the status quo; it's more for things that users want to see fixed, and how we can do that.

Of course, Mercurial's users are generally very happy indeed.

Keep it simple

People have a few principal reasons for choosing Mercurial over other revision control systems:

While there's always pressure to add new features to the software, this is in some respects a fool's errand, because new features run directly counter to the conceptual simplicity that people like so much. A few people had acerbic comments on the alleged feature bloat and loss of clarity of git and bzr in particular.

Process issues

There were quite a few complaints about the development process around Mercurial.


A number of people were not pleased with how Mercurial developers communicate with the user community and the outside world.


People are generally satisfied with Mercurial's documentation on a local level (for example, built-in help), but not so much with the depth of coverage of bigger issues.


While people are generally very happy with Mercurial, many would like to see a number of issues with the code addressed.

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