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Vishakh Harikumar

Email: <vsh426 AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

Irc : vsh

GSoC proposal: The updated version is available at http://bitbucket.org/vsh/shallow-proposal/src

mq: http://bitbucket.org/vsh/hg-shallow-clone/


100616 write script to get size stats of revlog in a repo, look into discovery.py

100617 investigate consequences of pruning revisions.

100618 look into performance issue.

100619-100621 fix punching in pull and changegroupsubset in localrepo

100621 fix revlog to create punched groups

100622 working on making revlog accept punched revisions

100623 add flags to record punched revisions

100624 fix up revlog.addgroup to write punched revisions

100625 -

100626 get simple shallow clone running and investigate performance

100627 look at some bugs in bts

100628 fix naive performance issues in current code, patch for mq issue


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