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100717 - 100717 - (create simple [[debugshellExtension]])

Vishakh Harikumar

Email: <vsh426 AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

irc : vsh

gsoc proposal:http://bitbucket.org/vsh/shallow-proposal/src

mq: http://bitbucket.org/vsh/hg-shallow-clone/


100616 write script to get size stats of revlog in a repo, look into discovery.py

100617 investigate consequences of pruning revisions.

100618 look into performance issue.

100619-100621 fix punching in pull and changegroupsubset in localrepo

100621 fix revlog to create punched groups

100622 working on making revlog accept punched revisions

100623 add flags to record punched revisions

100624 fix up revlog.addgroup to write punched revisions

100625 -

100626 get simple shallow clone running and investigate performance

100627 look at some bugs in bts

100628 fix naive performance issues in current code, patch for mq issue

100630 -

100701 redo all patches by splitting them.

100702 stumped by error after redo, till i found i lost some code during splitting. used an mq on the mq to fix it (hopefully not be doing that anytime soon)

100703 changegroupsubset is too slow for whole repo, while doing the collecting in _changegroup in rather redundant. move code to _changegroup for now to improve performance, while considering other options to improve situation including adding fastpath to changegroupsubset.

100704 looked into: wire protocol, bugs from bts, review patches from ml.

100705 spent the day [with attempts] fixing some bugs. sent a patch for issue1881 and some unsatisfying fixes for others.

100708 looking through parren's shallow-clone approach

100709 create shallow flag for revlogs and shallow file in localrepo to identify shallow revlogs and repos. have changelog maintain list of shallownodes so we know when not to try reading manifest etc.

100710 modifications to changegroupsubset to work better with shallowclones. find the right nodes needed in changegroup, considering full revisions and deltas.

100711 make revlog generate smaller groups, without punched deltas, and only the required nodes. when adding nodes to revlog create punched parent nodes that do not exist.

100712 looking into bts 1881, 947 and considering 2091 & 2284(which look similar)

100713 debugging truncation.

100714:100716 finish up working local shallow clone with pull and corresponding test, patchbomb ml.

100717 - (create simple debugshellExtension)

100718 write additional tests, work on push from full to shallow clone, discovery(prepush) and investigate problem with updating to the correct revision on initial clone.

100719 finally resolve issue1881, start looking through new wireproto.


Working local shallow clone with truncation, pull from and push to full clones.


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