WebUserDir Extension

Host users' repositories under /~username/ on hgwebdir.

1. Status

This extension is not distributed with Mercurial.

Author: Yuya Nishihara

Repository: http://bitbucket.org/yuja/hgext-webuserdir/

2. Overview

It implements Apache-style user repository support on hgwebdir.

It will be useful to serve mutable changesets in order to review them, share them temporarily, etc. You should have shell access to the home directory where you put your repositories.

3. Configuration

Configure your hgwebdir.config to enable the extension by adding following lines:

webuserdir = /path/to/webuserdir.py

# map /~username/ to ~username/public_hg/
userdir = public_hg
# or map to the specific location ( /*/ will be replaced by username)
userdir = /net/host/home/*/public_hg

You also need to edit hgwebdir.wsgi to load this extension before instantiating hgwebdir object:

   1 from mercurial import demandimport; demandimport.enable()
   2 from mercurial import extensions, hgweb, ui as uimod
   3 ui = uimod.ui()
   4 ui.readconfig('hgwebdir.config', trust=True)
   5 extensions.loadall(ui)
   6 application = hgweb.hgwebdir('hgwebdir.config', baseui=ui)
   7 # don't use hgwebdir_mod.hgwebdir, which isn't wrapped by webuserdir extension!

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