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 * log: make -fr show complete history from the given revs  * log: make -fr show complete history from the given revs (BC)

Release Notes

Features and bugfixes in our latest releases. Please see the Download page for links to source and binaries.

Note that Mercurial follows a time-based release plan with major releases every three months and minor (bugfix) releases on the first of every month (see TimeBasedReleasePlan).

{i} Be sure to read the upgrade notes when upgrading.

(See the archive for older versions)

1. Mercurial 3.4 (2015-05-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled feature release.

1.1. commands

  • annotate: add option to annotate working-directory files
  • annotate: always prepare ancestry context of base fctx (issue4600)

  • annotate: always adjust linkrev before walking down to parents (issue4623)

  • annotate: prepare ancestry context of workingfilectx
  • bookmarks: add incoming() to replace diff() for incoming bookmarks
  • bookmarks: add outgoing() to replace diff() for outgoing bookmarks
  • bookmarks: check @pathalias suffix before available @number for efficiency
  • bookmarks: enhance test of showing detail about incoming/outgoing bookmarks
  • bookmarks: prevent divergent bookmark from being updated unexpectedly
  • bookmarks: reuse @number bookmark, if it refers changeset referred remotely
  • bookmarks: rewrite comparing bookmarks in commands.summary() by compare()
  • bookmarks: show detailed status about incoming/outgoing bookmarks
  • clone: add progress support to hardlink clones (issue3059)

  • commands.import: accept a prefix option
  • commands.push: abort when revisions evaluate to empty set (BC)
  • commands: add ui.statuscopies config knob
  • debuginstall: expand the editor path before searching for it (issue4380)

  • files: split reusable implementation into cmdutil for subrepo support
  • files: use ctx object to access dirstate
  • graft: allow creating sibling grafts
  • graft: record intermediate grafts in extras
  • log: display closing-branch nodes as "_" (BC)
  • log: fix --follow null parent not to include revision 0
  • log: make -fr show complete history from the given revs (BC)
  • log: prefer 'wctx' over 'pctx' for working context
  • patch.internalpatch: accept a prefix parameter
  • patch.internalpatch: add a default value for prefix
  • patch: rename pathstrip to pathtransform
  • pull: print "pulling from foo" before accessing the other repo
  • push: acquire local 'wlock' if "pushback" is expected (BC) (issue4596)

  • resolve: silence warning of unknown pats for -l/--list (BC)
  • revert: evaluate filesets against working directory (issue4497)

  • revert: fix --interactive on local modification (issue4576)

  • revert: stop marking files clean after interactive revert (issue4592)

  • revert: accept just -I/-X without paths or -a/-i (issue4592)

  • revert: apply normallookup on reverted file if size isn't changed (issue4583)

  • revert: restore the ability to revert across case only renames (issue4481)

  • status: add relative directory help text (issue3835)

1.2. core

  • bundle2: capture transaction rollback message output (issue4614)

  • bundle2: disable ouput capture unless we use http (issue4613 issue4615)

  • changelog: fix readpending if no pending data exist (issue4609)

  • dirstate: fix order of initializing nf vs f
  • filelog: allow censored files to contain padding data
  • merge: run update hook after the last wlock release
  • pushkey: flush pending data before running a pre-pushkey hook (issue4607)

  • repoview: improve compute staticblockers perf
  • revlog: _addrevision creates full-replace deltas based on censored revisions
  • revlog: add "iscensored()" to revlog public API
  • revlog: addgroup checks if incoming deltas add censored revs, sets flag bit
  • revlog: in addgroup, reject ill-formed deltas based on censored nodes
  • revlog: make converting from inline to non-line work after a strip
  • revlog: special case expanding full-replacement deltas received by exchange
  • subrepo: don't write .hgsubstate lines with empty subrepo state (issue4622)

  • subrepo: update the help text to account for diff -I/-X gitsubrepo support
  • tags: establish a separate and shared cache of .hgtags filenodes
  • tags: change format of tags cache files
  • tags: have a different cache file per filter level
  • ui: disable revsetaliases in plain mode (BC)
  • util: add progress callback support to copyfiles
  • windows: make shellquote() quote any path containing '\' (issue4629)

1.3. extensions

  • color: be more conservative about setting ANSI mode on Windows (BC)
  • color: fix crash in cmd.exe
  • color: omit terminfo/win32 warning if non-interactive (issue4543)

  • color: support a different color mode when the pager is active
  • convert: adjust progress bar for octopus merges (issue4169)

  • histedit: add --edit-plan option to histedit
  • histedit: allow histedit --continue when not on a descendant (BC)
  • histedit: fix preventing strips during histedit
  • histedit: fix style of new error message
  • histedit: improve roll action integration with fold
  • histedit: fix rollup prompting for a commit message (issue4606)

  • largefiles: don't crash when cloning to a remote repo
  • largefiles: don't mangle filesets when fixing up the log matcher
  • largefiles: always consider updatelfiles 'checked' parameter set
  • largefiles: avoid infinite recursive call of openlfdirstate in overriderevert
  • largefiles: don't create chain of contains calls

  • largefiles: don't prefix standin patterns with '.hglf' when logging
  • largefiles: don't warn when reverting a forgotten largefile
  • largefiles: extract and reuse 'standin' variable in overriderevert()
  • largefiles: for update -C, only update largefiles when necessary
  • largefiles: handle logging from outside the repo
  • largefiles: introduce lfutil.findstorepath()
  • largefiles: override cmdutil.revert() instead of comands.revert()
  • largefiles: report the source of copied/moved largefiles in status -C
  • largefiles: set the extension as enabled locally after a clone requiring it
  • largefiles: teach log to handle patterns
  • largefiles: update _subdirlfs() comment
  • largefiles: use common function to build content of .hg_archival.txt
  • largefiles: use lfutil.findstorepath() when verifying a local repo
  • largefiles: use the core file copy logic to validate the destination path
  • largefiles: use the share source as the primary local store (issue4471)

  • mq: avoid silent failure when single patch doesn't apply (issue4604)

  • rebase: don't forward "source" argument to rebase (issue4633)

  • rebase: restore bookmark state on abort
  • record: edit patch of newly added files (issue4304)

  • record: fix adding new file with record from within a subdir (issue4626)

  • record: fix record with change on moved file crashes (issue4619)

  • shelve: acquire lock in the right order
  • shelve: add interactive mode
  • shelve: add interactive mode command line option

1.4. hgweb

  • hgweb: resurrect <span> tag on diffline to fix rendering in monoblue style

  • hgweb: use introrev() for finding parents (issue4506)

  • json: implement {bookmarks} template
  • json: implement {branches} template
  • json: implement {changeset} template
  • json: implement {comparison} template
  • json: implement {fileannotate} template
  • json: implement {filediff} template
  • json: implement {helptopics} template
  • json: implement {help} template
  • json: implement {manifest} template
  • json: implement {shortlog} and {changelog} templates
  • json: implement {tags} template

1.5. unsorted

  • archive: change the default prefix to '' from None

  • archive: look for first visible revision to build repo identity (issue4591)

  • bundle2-localpeer: properly propagate the server output on error (issue4594)

  • bundle2-wireproto: properly propagate the server output on error (issue4594)

  • changeset_printer: display p1rev:p1node with "+" suffix for workingctx
  • check-commit: be more picky about detection of wrong bug tag
  • check-commit: check capitalization in summary lines
  • churn: deprecate -t option in favour of -T
  • crecord: fix another underbar
  • crecord: fix underbar style for orig_stdout
  • devel-warn: add a prefix to all messages ("devel-warn: ")
  • dirs._addpath: don't mutate Python strings after exposing them (issue4589)

  • dispatch: consolidate formatting of ParseErrors

  • dispatch: offer near-edit-distance suggestions for {file,rev}set functions
  • dispatch: offer suggestions of similar-named commands
  • extensions: support callbacks after another extension loads
  • get-with-headers: support parsing and pretty printing JSON
  • graphlog: do not bypass commands.log so that -fr works
  • graphlog: move comment and flag denoting revs might be unsorted
  • graphlog: remove too early return from getgraphlogrevs() for empty repo
  • lazymanifest: fix memory leak in lmiter_iterentriesnext() after 3d485727e45e
  • lazymanifest: fix pure hg iterkeys()
  • linkrev: fix issue with annotate of working copy
  • manifestv2: add support for reading new manifest format
  • manifestv2: add support for writing new manifest format
  • obsolete: avoid infinite loop from obs-cycle in divergence (issue4126)

  • record: add interactive option to the commit command
  • record: allow editing new files (issue4304)

  • record_curses: fix ui bug for newly added file
  • revbranchcache: add test for when the cache is not writable
  • revbranchcache: move out of branchmap onto localrepo
  • revbranchcache: populate cache incrementally
  • revbranchcache: store repo on the object
  • revbranchcache: write cache even during read operations
  • revrange: don't parse revset aliases as hash prefixes (issue4553)

  • rollback: clear resolve state (issue4593)

  • ssl: resolve symlink before checking for Apple python executable (issue4588)

  • ssl: set explicit symbol "!" to web.cacerts to disable SSL verification (BC)
  • strip: properly clear resolve state with --keep (issue4593)

  • subrepo: add 'cat' support for git subrepos
  • subrepo: add basic support to hgsubrepo for the files command
  • subrepo: add include/exclude support for diffing git subrepos
  • subrepo: add status support for ignored and clean files in git subrepos
  • subrepo: change arguments of abstractsubrepo.init (API)

  • subrepos: support adding files in git subrepos
  • test-convert-git: show insane progress bar with octopus merge (issue4169)

  • test-histedit-edit.t: demonstrate qnew fails during a histedit (issue4366)

  • test-https: enable dummycert test only if Apple python is used (issue4500)

  • test-shelve: be more lenient about whitespace (issue4124)

  • tests: add test showing tags cache drops filtered heads (issue4550)

  • tests: handle deleted .hg directory (git 2.2.0 and higher) (issue4585)

  • trydiff: join filename with prefix only once
  • unbundle: acquire 'wlock' when processing bundle2 (BC) (issue4596)

  • webcommands: define a dict of available commands
  • webcommands: define web commands using a decorator

2. Mercurial 3.3.3 (2015-04-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • adjustlinkrev: handle 'None' value as source
  • adjustlinkrev: prepare source revs for ancestry only once
  • amend: check for directory renames for both merge parents (issue4516)

  • annotate: reuse ancestry context when adjusting linkrev (issue4532)

  • dirstate: don't require exact case when adding dirs on icasefs (issue4578)

  • dirstate: make sure rootdir ends with directory separator (issue4557)

  • filemerge: clean up language in mergemarkertemplate help
  • forget: cleanup the output for an inexact case match on icasefs
  • hgweb: prevent loading style map from directories other than specified paths
  • mergecopies: reuse ancestry context when traversing file history (issue4537)

  • templates: fix "log -q" output of default style
  • templates: fix "log -q" output of phases style
  • win32: 'raise ctypes.WinError' -> 'raise ctypes.WinError()'

3. Mercurial 3.3.2 (2015-03-02)

An unscheduled bugfix release to fix the fix.

  • transaction: really disable hardlink backups (issue4546)

4. Mercurial 3.3.1 (2015-03-02)

This is a regularly scheduled bugfix release. It fixes a significant regression with transactions on Windows network shares.

  • dispatch: work around UnicodeDecodeError caused by SSLError of Python 2.7.9

  • hgweb: recreate old DOM structure for css in monoblue style
  • largefiles: access to specific fields only if largefiles enabled (issue4547)

  • log: fix json-formatted output when file copies are listed (issue4523)

  • repoview: invalidate cached changelog if _delayed changes (issue4549)

  • revisionbranchcache: fall back to slow path if starting readonly (issue4531)

  • revset: mask specific names for named() predicate
  • shellquote: fix missing quotes for empty string
  • templatekw: fix {join(bookmarks, sep)} to always show associated bookmarks
  • transaction: disable hardlink backups (issue4546)

5. Mercurial 3.3 (2015-02-01)

This is a regularly scheduled feature release with over 800 changes.

5.1. commands

  • add: add back forgotten files even when not matching exactly (BC)
  • addremove: add back forgotten files (BC)
  • addremove: add support for the -S flag
  • addremove: print relative paths when called with -I/-X (BC)
  • addremove: support addremove with explicit paths in subrepos
  • backout: add --commit option
  • commit: abort if --addremove is specified, but fails
  • commit: remove reverse search for copy source when not in parent (issue4476)

  • commit: propagate --addremove to subrepos if -S is specified (issue3759)

  • graft: show more useful status information while grafting

5.2. core

  • bundles: do not overwrite existing backup bundles (BC)
  • osx: patch .pax.gz files in pkg bundles so they extract as root (issue4081)

  • revset: handle hidden linkrev for file missing for head (issue4490)

  • revset: allow rev(-1) to indicate null revision (BC)
  • revset: fix ancestors(null) to include null revision (issue4512)

  • subrepo: don't abort in add when non-hg subrepos are present (issue4513)

  • cmdserver: use given streams as pipe channels like other commands
  • extensions: only check compatibility against major and minor versions (BC)
  • https: support tls sni (server name indication) for https urls (issue3090)

  • ignore: resolve ignore files relative to repo root (issue4473) (BC)

  • linkrev: handle filtered linkrev with no visible children (issue4307)

  • linkrev: also adjust linkrev when bootstrapping annotate (issue4305)

  • linkrev: use the right manifest content when adjusting linrev (issue4499)

  • memctx: calculate manifest correctly with newly-removed files (issue4470)

  • memctx: fix manifest for removed files (issue4470)

  • obsstore: disable garbage collection during initialization (issue4456)

  • subrepo: support remove with explicit paths in subrepos
  • subrepo: add full revert support for git subrepos
  • subrepo: add partial diff support for git subrepos
  • subrepo: add status support for ignored files in git subrepos
  • win32: remove Mercurial.ini file from Inno Setup installer (issue4435)

5.3. hgweb

  • hgweb: allow viewing diffs against p1 or p2 for merge commits (issue3904)

5.4. extensions

  • color: add support for colorizing git subrepo diffs
  • color: add missing 'dim' in _effects
  • convert: on svn failure, note libsvn version (issue4043)

  • convert: replace revision references in messages if they are >= short hashes

  • convert: handle LookupError in mercurial_source.lookuprev()

  • extdiff: reintroduce backward compatibility with manual quoting of parameters
  • histedit: add a test to show that issue4251 is fixed (issue4251)

  • largefiles: fix commit of a directory with no largefile changes (issue4330)

  • largefiles: use 'default' path for pulling largefiles, not 'default-push'
  • largefiles: enable subrepo support for add, forget, remove
  • largefiles: show progress when checking standin hashes in outgoing changesets
  • mq: smarter handling of plain headers
  • patchbomb: don't honor whitespace and format-changing diffopts (BC)
  • rebase: show more useful status information while rebasing
  • rebase: ensure rebase revision remains visible (issue4504)

  • extdiff: avoid unexpected quoting arguments for external tools (issue4463)

  • highlight: ignore Unicode's extra linebreaks (issue4291)

  • record: don't honor format-changing diffopts (issue4459)

  • share: add option to share bookmarks
  • transplant: properly skip empty changeset (issue4423)

6. Mercurial 3.2.4 (2015-01-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • demandimport: blacklist distutils.msvc9compiler (issue4475)

  • largefiles: backout f72d73937853 - linear updates handle m -> a differently

  • largefiles: fix a spurious missing file warning with 'remove -A' (issue4053)

  • largefiles: fix a spurious missing file warning with forget (issue4053)

  • largefiles: introduce the 'composelargefilematcher()' method
  • largefiles: mark lfile as added in lfdirstate when the standin is added
  • sshpeer: more thorough shell quoting

7. Mercurial 3.2.3 (2014-12-18)

This is an unscheduled bugfix release containing two security fixes for issues we uncovered in both Git and Mercurial for CVE-2014-9390. Users on Mac and Windows are encouraged to upgrade.

  • context: stop setting None for modified or added nodes
  • darwin: omit ignorable codepoints when normcase()ing a file path
  • encoding: add hfsignoreclean to clean out HFS-ignored characters
  • largefiles: don't actually remove largefiles in an addremove dry run
  • log: fix log -f slow path to actually follow history
  • log: fix log revset instability
  • manifest: disallow setting the node id of an entry to None
  • pathauditor: check for Windows shortname aliases
  • pathauditor: check for codepoints ignored on OS X
  • rebase: ignore negative state when updating back to original wc parent
  • update: add tests for untracked local file
  • update: don't overwrite untracked ignored files on update

8. Mercurial 3.2.2 (2014-12-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • changegroup: fix file linkrevs during reorders (issue4462)

  • hgweb: send proper HTTP response after uncaught exception
  • largefiles: avoid exec-bit examination on the platforms unaware of it
  • largefiles: don't show largefile/normal prompts if one side is unchanged
  • manifest: fix a bug where working copy file 'add' mark was buggy
  • merge: be precise about what merged into what in short desc
  • merge: before cd/dc prompt, check that changed side really changed
  • mq: fix update of headers that occur in the "wrong" order
  • mq: introduce insertplainheader - same naive implementation as before
  • mq: when adding headers in plain mode, separate them from message (issue4453)

  • mq: when setting message in plain mode, separate it from header (issue4453)

  • push: stop independent usage of bundle2 in syncphase (issue4454)

  • pushkey: gracefully handle prepushkey hook failure (issue4455)

  • rename: properly report removed and added file as modified (issue4458)

  • revert: look for copy information for all local modifications
  • revset: fix first and last for generatorset (issue4465)

  • templates: fix broken "less" & "more" links in paper style (issue4460)

9. Mercurial 3.2.1 (2014-11-11)

This is an unscheduled release to address regressions in discovery, rebase, and bookmarks.

  • bookmarks: fix formatting of exchange message (issue4439)

  • changegroup: don't store unused value on fnodes (issue4443)

  • convert: use git diff-tree -Cn% instead of --find-copies=n% for older git
  • discovery: indices between sample and yesno must match (issue4438)

  • discovery: limit 'all local heads known remotely' to real 'all' (issue4438)

  • extdiff: quote user-supplied options passed to shell
  • hgweb: fix a crash when using web.archivesubrepos
  • mail: actually use the verifycert config value
  • rebase: fix rebase with no common ancestors (issue4446)

  • serve: correct meta variable of --daemon-pipefds option
  • templater: don't overwrite the keyword mapping in runsymbol() (issue4362)

10. Mercurial 3.2 (2014-11-01)

This is a quarterly feature release.

10.1. commands

  • amend: abort early if no username is configured with evolve enabled (issue4211)

  • amend: fix amending rename commit with diverged topologies (issue4405)

  • annotate: rewrite long short-circuit statement by if-elif-else
  • bookmark: make the search for divergent names more robust
  • bookmarks: allow pushkey if new equals current
  • bookmarks: explicitly track identical bookmarks
  • bookmarks: fix divergent bookmark path normalization
  • bookmarks: inform transaction-related hooks that some bookmarks were moved
  • branches: include active, closed and current flags in template output
  • clone: copy '.hg/bookmarks' during copy clone
  • clone: explicitly push bookmarks when cloning from local to remote
  • clone: fix copying bookmarks in uncompressed clones (issue4430)

  • clone: for local clones, copy branchcache from the right location (issue4286)

  • clone: for local clones, copy over filtered branchcaches as well (issue4286)

  • clone: properly mark branches closed with --uncompressed (issue4428)

  • clone: provide sample username = config entry in .hg/hgrc (issue4359)

  • commit: correctly check commit mutability during commit --amend
  • commit: add customizable committemplate config
  • config: give more fine-tuned sample hgrcs to this command
  • config: highlight parse error caused by leading spaces (issue3214)

  • files: add new command unifying locate and manifest functionality
  • graft: allow regrafting ancestors with --force (issue3220)

  • graft: make --force apply across continues (issue3220)

  • help: document that default hgweb style is called paper (issue4373)

  • help: update help for hgweb template and style (issue4373)

  • import: let --exact 'work' with --no-commit (issue4376)

  • locate: deprecate in favor of files
  • log: allow patterns with -f
  • log: do not hide the public phase in debug mode (BC)
  • log: rewrite default template to use labels (issue2866)

  • log: show phase in hg log -v with the phase template
  • merge-tools: add a 'premerge=keep-merge3' config option
  • merge: use bid merge by default (BC)
  • merge: support three labels when using conflict markers
  • parents: deprecate the parents commands
  • pull: perform bookmark updates in the transaction
  • push: update bookmarks within the remote lock
  • push: wrap local phase movement in a transaction
  • pushbookmark: do not attempt to update bookmarks if the push failed (BC)
  • status: make 'hg status --rev' faster when there are deleted files
  • tag: properly abort if an unknown or ignored .hgtags is present

10.2. core

  • alias: expand "$@" as list of parameters quoted individually (BC) (issue4200)

  • dirstate: add exception when calling setparent without begin/end (API)
  • dirstate: wrap setparent calls with begin/endparentchange (issue4353)

  • hook: protect commit hooks against stripping of temporary commit (issue4422)

  • i18n: detect UI language without POSIX-style locale variable on Windows (BC)
  • localrepo: remove the 'pull' method (API)
  • localrepo: remove the 'push' method (API)
  • posix: implement readpipe using non-blocking I/O (issue4336)

  • revset: fix O(2^n) perf regression in addset
  • revset: have rev() drop out-of-range or filtered rev explicitly (issue4396)

  • setdiscovery: limit the size of all sample (issue4411)

  • ssl: only support TLS (BC)
  • ssl: only use the dummy cert hack if using an Apple Python (issue4410)

  • templater: fix ifcontains when list is a string (issue4399)

10.3. extensions

  • convert: add support for deterministic progress bar on scanning phase
  • convert: add support to detect git renames and copies
  • eol: fix crash when handling removed files
  • histedit: add "roll" command to fold commit data and drop message (issue4256)

  • largefiles: add examination of exec bit in "hg status --rev REV" case
  • largefiles: keep largefiles from colliding with normal one during linear merge
  • largefiles: restore R status of removed largefiles correctly at "hg rollback"
  • largefiles: restore standins from non branch-tip parent at rollback correctly
  • largefiles: unlink standins not known to the restored dirstate at rollback
  • mq: write '# Parent ' lines with two spaces like export does (BC)
  • mq: write headers for new HG patches in the same order as export (BC)
  • shelve: don't delete "." when rebase is a no-op (issue4398)

10.4. hgweb

  • hgweb: disable SSLv3 serving (BC)
  • hgweb: refresh repository using URL not path (issue4323)

11. Mercurial 3.1.2 (2014-10-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • commit: catch changed exec bit on files from p1 (issue4382)

  • diff: document the nobinary option
  • dispatch: check shell alias again after loading extensions (issue4355)

  • dispatch: make "_checkshellalias" reusable regardless of adding aliases
  • help: fix typo in log examples
  • help: mention mode in hg log --removed help (issue4381)

  • hgweb: fail if an invalid command was supplied in url path (issue4071)

  • hgweb: refresh hgweb.repo on phase change (issue4061)

  • histedit: abort gracefully on --continue/--abort with no state
  • keepalive: fix how md5 is used
  • mq: examine "pushable" of already applied patch correctly
  • mq: pop correct patches when changing pushable-ness of already applied ones
  • mq: report correct numbers for changing "number of guarded, applied patches"
  • mq: use "mq.applied[i].name" instead of "mq.appliedname(i)" for safety
  • revset: add an optimised baseset.contains (issue4371)

  • templater: fix precedence of --style and --template options

12. Mercurial 3.1.1 (2014-09-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • changectx: ancestor should only prefer merge.preferancestor if it is a revision
  • color: pass on key error for win32 (issue4298)

  • config: exit non zero on non-existent config option (issue4247)

  • context: call normal on the right object
  • debugobsolete: catch ValueError that may be raised by obsstore.create

  • discovery: prevent crash on unknown remote heads with old repo (issue4337)

  • graft: fix collision detection with origin revisions that are missing
  • help: add pad function to template help
  • help: only call doc() when it is callable
  • hgweb: avoid config object race with hgwebdir (issue4326)

  • histedit: preserve initial author on fold (issue4296)

  • import: show warning message for merge changesets
  • incoming: don't request heads that already are common
  • largefiles: don't override matchandpats for always matchers (issue4334)

  • largefiles: drop setting lfstatus in overridelog (issue4334)

  • largefiles: in overridelog, use non-lf matcher for patch generation (issue4334)

  • log: use correct phase info for parent field (issue4347)

  • merge: show the scary multiple ancestor hint for merges only, not for updates
  • obsstore.create: add a simple safeguard against cyclic markers
  • repoview: filter tags to non-existent nodes from blockers (issue4328)

  • repoview: fix typo in repoview.changelog
  • revset: bookmark revset interprets 'literal:' prefix correctly (issue4329)

  • unbundle: don't advance bookmarks (issue4322) (BC)

13. Mercurial 3.1 (2014-08-01)

13.1. Core features

  • backout: accept '--edit' like other commands creating new changeset
  • bookmarks: improve the bookmark help (issue4244)

  • commit: make commit message shown in text editor customizable by template
  • config: allow 'user' in .hgrc ui section (issue3169)

  • conflict markers: customise local/other name for various command (graft, update, rebase, ...) (BC)
  • diff: add nobinary config to suppress git-style binary diffs
  • discovery: if a push would create a new head, mention the bookmark name if any
  • filemerge: add an internal:tagmerge merge tool
  • filemerge: add a [ui] mergemarkers option to use detailed merge marker.

  • gpg: accept '--edit' like other commands creating new changeset
  • help: suggest keyword search when no topic is found
  • import: add --partial flag to create a changeset despite failed hunks
  • resolve: print message when no unresolved files remain (issue4214)

  • resolve: print warning when no work performed (issue4208)

  • templatefilter: add splitlines function
  • templatekw: add 'currentbookmark' keyword to show current bookmark easily
  • templatekw: add 'subrepos' keyword to show updated subrepositories
  • templater: introduce startswith function
  • templater: introduce word function
  • templates: escape NUL bytes in jsonescape (issue4303)

  • update: introduce --tool for controlling the merge tool
  • update: show message when a bookmark is activated by update
  • update: when deactivating a bookmark, print a message
  • version: show enabled extensions (issue4209)

13.2. Extension features

  • convert: detect removal of ".gitmodules" at git source revisions correctly
  • convert: drastically speed up git conversions
  • convert: mercurial source: convert global tags only - not local tags
  • convert: only consider shamap revisions converted if they still exists
  • convert: update the transplant, rebase and graft references in 'extra'
  • largefiles: show also how many data entities are outgoing at "hg outgoing"
  • mergetools.hgrc: add minimal configuration for editmerge
  • pager: add attend-<command> option

  • patchbomb: includes series information in the header
  • purge: add options for deleting only files or only directories
  • qfold: allow to specify '--message/'--logfile' and '--edit' at the same time
  • qimport: record imported revs incrementally (issue3874)

  • qrefresh: allow to specify '--message/'--logfile' and '--edit' at the same time
  • shelve: accept '--edit' like other commands creating new changeset
  • shelve: add -l|--list support for bash completion
  • strip: drop -b/--backup option (BC)

13.3. Fixes

  • bookmarks: avoid deleting primary bookmarks on rebase
  • branch: add debug message for branch cache write failure
  • bugzilla extension: stop trying to cache setup across hook invocation
  • filemerge: use non-minimal conflict marker regions (BC)
  • help: always show command help with -h (issue4240)

  • histedit: respect revsetalias entries (issue4311)

  • largefiles: avoid unnecessary creation of .hg/largefiles when opening lfdirstate
  • largefiles: include largefiles when doing log on a directory (issue4241)

  • largefiles: use "normallookup", if "mtime" of standin is unset
  • log: allow revset for --follow to be lazily evaluated
  • log: do not use exact matcher for --patch --follow without file (issue4319)

  • log: make --patch --follow work inside a subdirectory
  • p4: accept changesets with no description (issue4282)

  • resolve: keep wlock while resolving
  • revset: maintain ordering when subtracting from a baseset (issue4289)

  • revset: optimize baseset.sub (issue4313)

  • strip: remove bookmarks after strip succeed (issue4295)

  • vim: use try catch in vim plugin to avoid conflicts

13.4. Experimental features

  • bundle2: add pushkey support
  • bundle2: fix bundle2 pulling all revs on empty pulls
  • bundle2: pull phase data alongside changesets (when enabled)
  • bundle2: use bundle2 to push phases (when enabled)

13.5. Mercurial project

  • build: initial support for in-tree autobuilding recipes
  • buildrpm: include release version in .tar.gz name
  • make: add a basic osx mpkg target
  • packaging: move output directory from build/ to packages/
  • setup: fixed for Pythons which don't have a CFLAGS
  • setup: make Xcode 5.1 check less specific

14. Mercurial 3.0.2 (2014-07-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • cmdutil: add copy-filtering support to duplicatecopies
  • hgweb: avoid initialization race (issue4280)

  • keyword: suppress keyword expansion for internal merge
  • match: make glob '**/' match the empty string
  • parsers.c: fix a couple of memory leaks
  • push: restore contents of HG_URL for hooks (issue4268)

  • rebase: fix bug that caused transitive copy records to disappear (issue4192)

  • repoview: do not crash when localtags refers to non existing revisions

15. Mercurial 3.0.1 (2014-06-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • alias: change return code of bad definition to 255
  • alias: fix loss of non-zero return code in command aliases
  • alias: handle shlex error in command aliases
  • bookmarks: properly align multi-byte characters
  • bugzilla: support Bugzilla 4.4.3+ API login token authentication (issue4257)

  • bundle2: fix bundle2 pulling all revs on empty pulls
  • bundle2: fix configuration name mismatch
  • changelog: ensure changelog._delaybuf is initialized
  • color: don't fail on error messages when no curses (issue4237)

  • exchange: propagate arguments to the _getbundleextrapart function
  • localrepo: prevent leak of transaction object (issue4258)

  • proxy: remove unneeded _set_hostport for compatibility with Python 2.7.7rc1
  • setup.py, make: avoid problems with outdated, existing hgext/__index__.py*

  • subrepo: avoid sanitizing ".hg/hgrc" in meta data area for non-hg subrepos
  • subrepo: invoke "_sanitize()" also after "git merge --ff"
  • subrepo: make "_sanitize()" take absolute path to the root of subrepo
  • subrepo: make "_sanitize()" work
  • subrepo: normalize path in the specific way for problematic encodings
  • templates: fix ifcontains against sets with length > 1 (issue4259)

  • win32: backout 1a9ebc83a74c

16. Mercurial 3.0 (2014-05-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled quarterly feature release. Unlike other 3.0 software releases, this is simply 2.9 + .1, so it should be the usual pain-free upgrade.

16.1. Core features

  • cat: support explicit paths in subrepos
  • cmdserver: allow starting server without repository
  • clone: abort if default destination has no meaningful name (BC)
  • clone: put streaming clones in a transaction
  • color: add debugcolor command (issue4094)

  • color: allow color keywords to be used directly in template
  • commands: add -T as alternative to --template
  • commands: hg debuginstall checks missing templates (issue4151)

  • commit: --edit/-e allows editing commit message supplied through other means
  • config: add initial implementation of --edit (with --global and --local flags)
  • debuginstall: add Python information to debuginstall output (issue4128)

  • demandimport: support HGDEMANDIMPORT=disable to disable demandimport
  • hgweb: add metadata to atom and rss feed entries
  • http: reuse authentication info after the first failed request (issue3567)

  • log: change implementation to use graphlog code
  • push: provide a hint when no paths are configured (issue3692)

  • require: provide a link to a wiki page as well as suggesting upgrade
  • revset: new implementation with incremental evaluation
  • revset: try to handle hyphenated symbols if lookup callback is available
  • revset: add 'only()' revset
  • sshpeer: only print out 'running ssh' messages in debug mode (BC)
  • template: add ifcontains template function
  • template: add pad function for padding output
  • template: add revset() template function
  • template: add shortest(node) template function
  • template: add flexible -T option
  • win32: improve the performance of win32.unlink() over CIFS

16.2. Extension features

  • blackbox: log events related to branch cache
  • convert: avoid updating tags when there is nothing new
  • convert: compare tags from all heads instead of just one
  • convert: replace old sha1s in the description
  • extensions: mark win32text deprecated
  • extensions: remove interhg
  • extensions: remove the inotify extension (BC)
  • histedit: select the lowest rev when looking for a root in a revset (BC)
  • journal: report parsing errors on recover/rollback (issue4172)

  • qimport: allow importing URLs

16.3. Fixes

  • backout: don't limit ancestry check to a single ancestor
  • backout: improve confusing 'cannot backout change on a different branch' abort
  • caches: invalidate store caches when lock is taken
  • cmdserver: forcibly use L channel to read password input (issue3161)

  • cmdserver: reload mq on each runcommand request to avoid corruption
  • diff: use second filename for --stat reporting on git patches (issue4221)

  • dirstate: report bad subdirectories as match.bad, not just a warning (BC)
  • extensions: use normpath to allow trailing '\' on Windows (issue4187)

  • fncache: clean up fncache during strips
  • largefiles: changed overridelog to work with graphlog
  • largefiles: don't prompt when one side of merge was changed but didn't change
  • largefiles: remove directories emptied after their files are moved (issue3515)

  • parsers: fail fast if Python has wrong minor version (issue4110)

  • phases: apply publishing enforcement for "serve" source
  • revlog: deal with chunk ranges over 2G on Windows (issue4215)

  • setup.py: fix C extension compilation issue with OS X 10.9 and Xcode 5.1
  • subrepo: check return code for git push (issue4223)

16.4. Experimental features

  • bundle2: experimental support for bundle2
  • merge: experimental implementation of bid merge
  • merge: tell when .ancestor picks one of multiple common ancestors heads

17. Mercurial 2.9.2 (2014-04-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • amend: save commit message into ".hg/last-message.txt"
  • backout: correct commit status of no changes made (BC) (issue4190)

  • backout: document return code of merge conflict
  • commit: create new amend changeset as secret correctly for "--secret" option
  • commit: propagate --secret option to subrepos (issue4182)

  • convert: more clear documentation of the 'include' default of a 'include .'
  • dispatch: only do import(debugger) when a debugger is requested

  • log: solves bug regarding hg log -r 0:null (issue4039)

  • hg: introduce "wirepeersetupfuncs" to setup wire peer by extensions (issue4109)

  • hg: use "os.path.join()" to join path components which may be empty (issue4203)

  • histedit: save manually edited commit message into ".hg/last-message.txt"
  • localrepo: save manually edited commit message as soon as possible
  • merge: fix lack of "%s" in format string causing TypeError at runtime

  • paper: overlapping of section title on help pages (issue4051)

  • phase: say "Returns 0" instead of "Return 0" like other command help
  • qfold: save manually edited commit message into ".hg/last-message.txt"
  • qnew: save manually edited commit message into ".hg/last-message.txt"
  • rebase: use "commitforceeditor" instead of "ui.edit()" for "--collapse"
  • revset: document the regular expression support for tag(name)
  • subrepo: add trailing newlines to warnings
  • subrepo: convert matched string to integer before comparing Git version
  • subrepo: only retrieve the first two components of the Git version
  • tag: save manually edited commit message into ".hg/last-message.txt"
  • templater: apply "stringify()" on sub expression to get string correctly
  • templater: avoid recursive evaluation of string literals completely
  • templater: make strings in template expressions be "string-escape"-ed correctly
  • templater: raise error for unknown function

18. Mercurial 2.9.1 (2014-03-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • coal: hgweb style adds extra blank line in file view (issue4136)

  • hg.openpath: use url.islocal to tell if the path is local (issue3624)

  • hgweb: hack around mimetypes encoding thinko (issue4160)

  • hooks: only disable/re-enable demandimport when it's already enabled
  • merge: add "other" file node in the merge state file
  • merge: audit the right destination file when merging with dir rename
  • merge: don't overwrite file untracked after remove, abort with 'untracked files'
  • merge: record the "other" node in merge state
  • pathencode: eliminate signed integer warnings
  • pull: close peer repo on completion (issue2491) (issue2797)

  • purge: avoid duplicate output for --print (issue4092)

  • rebase: do not try to reactivate deleted divergent bookmark
  • resolve: use "other" changeset from merge state (issue4163)

  • verify: do not prevent verify repository containing hidden changesets

19. Mercurial 2.9 (2014-02-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled feature release.

19.1. Core features

  • backout: add a message after backout that need manual commit
  • bash_completion: add global support for -B|--bookmark
  • bash_completion: add global support for -b|--branch
  • bookmarks: allow push -B to create a new remote head (issue2372)

  • date: allow %z in format (issue4040)

  • hgweb: infinite scroll support for coal, gitweb, and monoblue styles
  • patch: add support for git delta hunks
  • url: added authuri when login information is requested (issue3209)

19.2. Performance improvement

  • backout: avoid update on simple case
  • branchmap: cache open/closed branch head information
  • cat: increase perf when catting single files
  • changectx: increase perf of walk function
  • strip: add faster revlog strip computation

19.3. Extension features

  • bash_completion: add completion for deleting a shelve
  • convert: use branchmap to change default branch in destination (issue3469)

  • record: --user/-u now works with record when ui.username not set (issue3857)

  • subrepo: check phase of state in each subrepositories before committing

19.4. Fixes

  • aliases: make "_checkshellalias()" invoke "findcmd()" with "strict=True"
  • bisect: --command without --noupdate should flag the parent rev it tested
  • clone: do not turn hidden changeset public on publishing clone (issue3935)

  • diff: search beyond ancestor when detecting renames
  • push: properly move phase boundary when no changeset are exchanged (issue3786)

  • rebase: abort cleanly when we encounter a damaged rebasestate (issue4155)

  • rebase: do not crash in panic when cwd disapear in the process (issue4121)

  • record: re-enable whitespace-ignoring options
  • relink: abort earlier when on different devices (issue3916)

  • subrepo: make it possible to update to hidden subrepo revisions
  • templater: selecting a style with no templates does not crash (issue4140)

  • update: consider successor changesets for a bare update
  • update: consider successor changesets when moving active bookmark

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