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Line 151: Line 151:
 * archive: drop the leading '.' path component from the prefix (issue4634)  * archive: drop the leading '.' path component from the prefix (Bts:issue4634)
Line 154: Line 154:
 * bufferedinputpipe: remove N^2 computation of buffer length (issue4735)  * bufferedinputpipe: remove N^2 computation of buffer length (Bts:issue4735)
Line 156: Line 156:
 * bundle2: pull bookmark the old way if no bundle2 listkeys support (issue4701)  * bundle2: pull bookmark the old way if no bundle2 listkeys support (Bts:issue4701)
Line 160: Line 160:
 * changegroup: compute seen files as changesets are added (issue4750)  * changegroup: compute seen files as changesets are added (Bts:issue4750)
Line 183: Line 183:
 * hgewb: disable progress when serving (issue4582)  * hgewb: disable progress when serving (Bts:issue4582)
Line 189: Line 189:
 * mail: pass ui to sslutil.wrapsocket() even if verifycert is off (issue4713)  * mail: pass ui to sslutil.wrapsocket() even if verifycert is off (Bts:issue4713)
Line 200: Line 200:
 * pathutil: hint if a path is root relative instead of cwd relative (issue4663)
 * phase: default to current revision if no rev is provided (issue4666)
 * pathutil: hint if a path is root relative instead of cwd relative (Bts:issue4663)
 * phase: default to current revision if no rev is provided (Bts:issue4666)
Line 205: Line 205:
 * progress: respect ui.quiet (issue4726)
 * revrange: build balanced tree of addsets from revisions (issue4565)
 * run-tests: introduce PYTHON3 boolean constant (issue4668)
 * run-tests: move all open-coded sys.version_info checks to PYTHON3 (issue4668)
 * run-tests: move unicode-to-bytes operations on paths to a helper (issue4667)
 * run-tests: prefer PYTHON3 constant to many version_info checks (issue4668)
 * run-tests: replace open-coded .decode()s on paths with a helper (issue4667)
 * progress: respect ui.quiet (Bts:issue4726)
 * revrange: build balanced tree of addsets from revisions (Bts:issue4565)
 * run-tests: introduce PYTHON3 boolean constant (Bts:issue4668)
 * run-tests: move all open-coded sys.version_info checks to PYTHON3 (Bts:issue4668)
 * run-tests: move unicode-to-bytes operations on paths to a helper (Bts:issue4667)
 * run-tests: prefer PYTHON3 constant to many version_info checks (Bts:issue4668)
 * run-tests: replace open-coded .decode()s on paths with a helper (Bts:issue4667)
Line 215: Line 215:
 * setup: hide octal literals inside strings so they're portable (issue4554)  * setup: hide octal literals inside strings so they're portable (Bts:issue4554)
Line 218: Line 218:
 * ssl: prompt passphrase of client key file via ui.getpass() (issue4648)  * ssl: prompt passphrase of client key file via ui.getpass() (Bts:issue4648)
Line 221: Line 221:
 * templatekw: display active bookmark more consistently (issue4552) (BC)
 * test-discovery: disable bundle2 for legacy test (issue4610)
 * templatekw: display active bookmark more consistently (Bts:issue4552) (BC)
 * test-discovery: disable bundle2 for legacy test (Bts:issue4610)
Line 227: Line 227:
 * templater: tokenize decimal integer literal (issue4638) (BC)  * templater: tokenize decimal integer literal (Bts:issue4638) (BC)
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Release Notes

Features and bugfixes in our latest releases. Please see the Download page for links to source and binaries.

Note that Mercurial follows a time-based release plan with major releases every three months and minor (bugfix) releases on the first of every month (see TimeBasedReleasePlan).

{i} Be sure to read the upgrade notes when upgrading.

(See the archive for older versions)

1. Mercurial 3.5 (2015-07-31)

Regularly-scheduled feature release.

1.1. commands

  • bookmark: informs of failure to upgrade a bookmark
  • bookmark: remove the "touch changelog" hack
  • bookmarks: abort the whole push if bookmarks fails to update (BC)
  • bookmarks: change bookmark within a transaction
  • bookmarks: clear active bookmark on non-linear update
  • bookmarks: mark internal-only config option
  • bookmarks: mark internal-only option
  • bookmarks: name label for active bookmark correctly
  • bookmarks: remove unused updatecurrentbookmark function (API)
  • bookmarks: rename bookmarkcurrent to activebookmark (API)
  • bookmarks: rename current to active in variables and comments
  • bookmarks: rename readcurrent to readactive (API)
  • bookmarks: rename setcurrent to activate (API)
  • bookmarks: rename unsetcurrent to deactivate (API)
  • bookmarks: simplify iscurrent to isactivewdirparent (API)
  • bookmarks: use try/except/finally
  • branch: don't warn about branches if repository has multiple branches already
  • commands: use the optional badfn argument when building a matcher
  • commands: use try/except/finally
  • commit: add ui.allowemptycommit config option
  • commit: avoid match.files() in conditions
  • commit: improve --close-branch documentation
  • commit: mark internal-only option
  • commit: no longer allow empty commit with the 'force' argument (API)
  • config: give it an includepaths option for looking for config files
  • files: recurse into subrepos automatically with an explicit path
  • import-checker: add xargs like mode
  • import-checker: don't treat modules as relative one if not found
  • import-checker: exclude mercurial packages installed into the system path
  • import-checker: loop to get list of locally defined modules at first
  • import: cross-reference patch.fuzz option from 'hg help import'
  • import: cross-reference ui.patch option from 'hg help import'
  • import: use ui.allowemptycommit to allow empty commits
  • log: add a status template
  • patch: add 'extra' argument to makememctx
  • patch: add fuzz config flag (issue4697)

  • phases: abort the whole push if phases fail to update (BC)
  • phases: fix bug where native phase computation wasn't called
  • phases: really fix native phase computation
  • pull: allow a generic way to pass parameters to the pull operation
  • pull: document the race condition with bookmark name
  • pull: only list remote bookmarks if -B is used to populate pulled heads
  • pull: only prefetch bookmarks when using bundle1
  • pull: prevent race condition in bookmark update when using -B (issue4689)

  • pull: skip pulling remote bookmarks with bundle1 if a value already exist
  • pull: skip pulling remote bookmarks with bundle2 if a value already exists
  • push: catch and process PushkeyFailed error

  • push: make pushkey part advisory
  • push: only say we are trying to push obsmarkers when we actually try
  • revert: fix edition of newly added file during --interactive
  • summary: add a phase line (draft, secret) to the output
  • summary: move the parents phase marker to commit line (issue4688)

  • tags: support reading tags cache without populating
  • tags: support setting hgtags fnodes cache entries
  • tags: use try/except/finally
  • verify: check the subrepository references in .hgsubstate
  • verify: clarify misleading fncache message

1.2. core

  • dirstate: ensure mv source is marked deleted when walking icasefs (issue4760)

  • ignore: fix include: rules depending on current directory (issue4759)

  • parsers: fix buffer overflow by invalid parent revision read from revlog
  • revlog: add support for a callback whenever revisions are added
  • revlog: raise an exception earlier if an entry is too large (issue4675)

  • revset: fix a crash in parents() when 'wdir()' is in the set
  • revset: fix iteration over ordered addset composed of non-ordered operands
  • revset: gratuitous formating fix in keyword
  • revset: improves time complexity of 'roots(xxx)'
  • revset: port extra() to support keyword arguments
  • revset: reduce nesting of chained 'or' operations (issue4624)

  • revsetbenchmarks: fix argument parsing
  • revsetbenchmarks: improve error output in case of failure
  • revsetbenchmarks: improve revision printing
  • revsetbenchmarks: support combining variants with "+"
  • templater: do not reevaluate rawstring as template (BC)
  • templater: remove noop calls of parsestring(s, quoted=False) (API)
  • templater: rename parsestring() to unquotestring() (API)
  • templater: take any string literals as template, but not for rawstring (BC)
  • templater: tokenize decimal integer literal (issue4638) (BC)

  • wireproto: correctly escape batched args and responses (issue4739)

1.3. extensions

  • convert: add config option for disabling ancestor parent checks
  • convert: add support for specifying multiple revs
  • convert: allow customizing git remote prefix
  • convert: apply the appropriate phases to the destination (issue4165)

  • convert: fix bug with converting the same commit twice
  • convert: handle copies when converting from Perforce (issue4744)

  • convert: handle deleted files when converting from Perforce (issue4743)

  • convert: handle deleted files when converting from Perforce (issue4743)

  • convert: improve support for unusual .gitmodules
  • convert: support incremental conversion with hg subrepos
  • convert: support multiple specifed revs in git source
  • convert: use 'default' for specifying branch name in branchmap (issue4753)

  • convert: when converting from Perforce use original local encoding by default (BC)
  • extdiff: allow modifications in subrepos to be copied back
  • highlight: produce correct markup when there's a blank line just before EOF
  • histedit: abort rather than edit a public changeset (issue4704)

  • histedit: mark defaultrev option experimental
  • largefiles: allow the archiving of largefiles to be disabled
  • largefiles: avoid match.files() in conditions
  • largefiles: ignore hidden changesets with 'verify --large --lfa'
  • largefiles: pass in whole matcher to getstandinmatcher()
  • largefiles: restore the original converter class after lfconvert --to-normal
  • largefiles: use the convert extension for 'lfconvert --to-normal'
  • largefiles: use the optional badfn argument when building a matcher
  • largefiles: use try/except/finally
  • mq: ban \r and \n in patch names (issue4711)

  • mq: tweak config reading to make check-config happy
  • mq: use the optional badfn argument when building a matcher
  • mq: use ui.allowemptycommit to allow empty commits
  • rebase: add short -k option for --keep
  • rebase: remove extraneous blank at the end of file
  • shelve: allow --patch and --stat without --list for a single shelf
  • shelve: always backup shelves instead of deleting them
  • shelve: keep old backups if timestamp can't decide exact order of them
  • shelve: make maxbackup doc check-config friendly
  • shelve: omit incorrect 'commit' suggestion at 'hg shelve -i'
  • shelve: only keep the latest N shelve backups
  • shelve: refactor allowables to specify sets of valid operations
  • shelve: use try/except/finally
  • transplant: restore dirstate correctly at unexpected failure

1.4. hgweb

  • hgweb: don't dereference symbolic revision in paper & coal style (issue2296)

  • paper: show branch/tags/bookmarks when blaming (issue3559)

  • paper: show branch/tags/bookmarks when browsing (issue3559)

  • paper: show branch/tags/bookmarks when comparing (issue3559)

  • paper: show branch/tags/bookmarks when diffing (issue3559)

  • paper: show branch/tags/bookmarks when viewing (issue3559)

1.5. unsorted

  • archive: drop the leading '.' path component from the prefix (issue4634)

  • archive: fix changesincelatesttag with wdir()
  • archive: support 'wdir()'
  • bufferedinputpipe: remove N^2 computation of buffer length (issue4735)

  • bundle2: fix type of experimental option
  • bundle2: pull bookmark the old way if no bundle2 listkeys support (issue4701)

  • canonpath: fix infinite recursion
  • censor: make various path forms available like other Mercurial commands
  • censor: mark experimental option
  • changegroup: compute seen files as changesets are added (issue4750)

  • changelog: change input type of index_get_parents
  • changelog: fix bug in heads computation
  • changelog: move index_get_parents function up
  • changelog: update read pending documentation
  • check-commit: catch both patterns of double empty lines
  • check-commit: print limit when user has a too-long summary
  • check-config: add config option checker
  • crecord: fix issue when backgrounding editor would leave artefact
  • demandimport: alias builtin as builtins
  • demandimport: define a 'deactivated' context manager
  • demandimport: support importing builtins for Python 3
  • devel: rename 'all' to 'all-warnings' (BC)
  • dispatch: add support for python-flamegraph[0] profiling
  • dispatch: disable demandimport for the --debugger option
  • email: fix config default value inconsistency
  • exchange: support transferring .hgtags fnodes mapping
  • extdiff: add support for subrepos
  • filemerge: mark internal-only config option
  • formatter: add template support
  • formatter: mark developer options
  • generaldelta: mark experimental reordering option
  • hg: support for auto sharing stores when cloning
  • hgewb: disable progress when serving (issue4582)

  • hghave: allow adding customized features at runtime
  • http2: mark experimental and developer options
  • localrepo: eliminate requirements class variable (API)
  • localrepo: kill off sopener (API)
  • localrepo: mark format options
  • mail: pass ui to sslutil.wrapsocket() even if verifycert is off (issue4713)

  • match: add an optional constructor parameter for a bad() override
  • match: add optional warn argument
  • match: introduce boolean prefix() method
  • match: resolve filesets in subrepos for commands given the '-S' argument
  • parser: factor out function that parses right-hand side of prefix/infix ops
  • parser: fill invalid infix and suffix actions by None
  • parser: reorder infix/suffix handling to be similar to prefix/primary flow
  • parser: resolve ambiguity where both prefix and primary actions are defined
  • parser: separate actions for primary expression and prefix operator
  • parser: take suffix action if no infix action is defined
  • pathutil: hint if a path is root relative instead of cwd relative (issue4663)

  • phase: default to current revision if no rev is provided (issue4666)

  • profiler: mark developer-only config option
  • progress: deprecate the progress extension
  • progress: mark experimental option
  • progress: respect ui.quiet (issue4726)

  • revrange: build balanced tree of addsets from revisions (issue4565)

  • run-tests: introduce PYTHON3 boolean constant (issue4668)

  • run-tests: move all open-coded sys.version_info checks to PYTHON3 (issue4668)

  • run-tests: move unicode-to-bytes operations on paths to a helper (issue4667)

  • run-tests: prefer PYTHON3 constant to many version_info checks (issue4668)

  • run-tests: replace open-coded .decode()s on paths with a helper (issue4667)

  • scmutil: add an optional parameter to matcher factories for a bad() override
  • scmutil: use the optional badfn argument when building a matcher
  • setup.py: drop compatibility with Python 2.4 and 2.5 (BC)
  • setup: hide octal literals inside strings so they're portable (issue4554)

  • sshpeer: break "OutOfBandError" feature for ssh (BC)

  • sshpeer: run the ssh command unbuffered
  • ssl: prompt passphrase of client key file via ui.getpass() (issue4648)

  • subrepo: mark internal-only option
  • templatekw: display active bookmark more consistently (issue4552) (BC)

  • test-discovery: disable bundle2 for legacy test (issue4610)

  • bookmarks: abort the whole push if bookmarks fails to update (BC)
  • phases: abort the whole push if phases fail to update (BC)
  • templater: do not reevaluate rawstring as template (BC)
  • templater: take any string literals as template, but not for rawstring (BC)
  • templater: tokenize decimal integer literal (issue4638) (BC)

  • bookmarks: remove unused updatecurrentbookmark function (API)
  • bookmarks: rename bookmarkcurrent to activebookmark (API)
  • bookmarks: rename readcurrent to readactive (API)
  • bookmarks: rename setcurrent to activate (API)
  • bookmarks: rename unsetcurrent to deactivate (API)
  • bookmarks: simplify iscurrent to isactivewdirparent (API)
  • commit: no longer allow empty commit with the 'force' argument (API)
  • templater: remove noop calls of parsestring(s, quoted=False) (API)
  • templater: rename parsestring() to unquotestring() (API)

2. Mercurial 3.4.2 (2015-07-01)

  • changegroup: properly compute common base in changeggroupsubset (issue4736)

  • crecord: fix a typo introduced when moving crecord to core
  • crecord: fix three typos introduced while moving crecord into core
  • hgwebdir: avoid redundant repo and directory entries when 'web.name' is set
  • hgwebdir: don't allow the hidden parent of a subrepo to show as a directory
  • parsers: do not cache RevlogError type (issue4451)

  • pull: avoid race condition with 'hg pull --rev name --update' (issue4706)

  • templater: do not preprocess template string in "if" expression (issue4714)

  • templater: evaluate arguments passed to diff() appropriately
  • templater: parse \"...\" as string for 2.9.2-3.4 compatibility (issue4733)

  • transplant: only pull the transplanted revision (issue4692)

  • transplant: update test to use hash for remote transplant

3. Mercurial 3.4.1 (2015-06-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • archive: always use portable path component separators with subrepos
  • commands: hide formatter option as EXPERIMENTAL, not as DEPRECATED
  • context: don't complain about a matcher's subrepo paths in changectx.walk()
  • convert: properly pass null ids through .hgtags (issue4678)

  • extensions: clear aftercallbacks after execution (issue4646)

  • hgweb: bring back infinite scroll in shortlog of paper style
  • histedit: fix --continue when rules are finished
  • histedit: fix --edit-plan
  • histedit: fix keep during --continue
  • histedit: fix serializing of None backupfile
  • histedit: fix test-histedit-edit on vfat
  • localrepo: pass hook argument txnid to pretxnopen hooks
  • localrepo: rename hook argument from TXNID to txnid (BC)
  • localrepo: use correct argument name for pretxnclose hooks (BC)
  • match: explicitly naming a subrepo implies always() for the submatcher
  • mergecopies: avoid slowdown from linkrev adjustment (issue4680)

  • rebase: check that the bookmark is still valid when restoring (issue4669)

  • rebase: clear merge when aborting before any rebasing (issue4661)

  • revbranchcache: return uncached branchinfo for nullrev (issue4683)

  • revset: drop magic of fullreposet membership test (issue4682)

  • revset: id() called with 40-byte strings should give the same results as for short strings
  • revset: map postfix '%' to only() to optimize operand recursively (issue4670)

  • ssh: capture output with bundle2 again (issue4642)

  • templatekw: compare target context and its parent exactly (issue4690)

  • templater: do not process \-escapes at parsestring() (issue4290)

  • templater: fix crash by passing invalid object to date() function
  • templater: strictly parse leading backslashes of '{' (issue4569) (BC)

  • transaction: really fix _addbackupentry key usage (issue4684)

  • transaction: separate calculating TXNID from creating transaction object
  • transaction: use the proper variable in '_addbackupentry' (issue4684)

  • util.checkcase: don't abort on broken symlinks

4. Mercurial 3.4 (2015-05-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled feature release.

4.1. commands

  • annotate: add option to annotate working-directory files
  • annotate: always prepare ancestry context of base fctx (issue4600)

  • annotate: always adjust linkrev before walking down to parents (issue4623)

  • annotate: prepare ancestry context of workingfilectx
  • bookmarks: add incoming() to replace diff() for incoming bookmarks
  • bookmarks: add outgoing() to replace diff() for outgoing bookmarks
  • bookmarks: check @pathalias suffix before available @number for efficiency
  • bookmarks: enhance test of showing detail about incoming/outgoing bookmarks
  • bookmarks: prevent divergent bookmark from being updated unexpectedly
  • bookmarks: reuse @number bookmark, if it refers changeset referred remotely
  • bookmarks: rewrite comparing bookmarks in commands.summary() by compare()
  • bookmarks: show detailed status about incoming/outgoing bookmarks
  • clone: add progress support to hardlink clones (issue3059)

  • commands.import: accept a prefix option
  • commands.push: abort when revisions evaluate to empty set (BC)
  • commands: add ui.statuscopies config knob
  • debuginstall: expand the editor path before searching for it (issue4380)

  • files: split reusable implementation into cmdutil for subrepo support
  • files: use ctx object to access dirstate
  • graft: allow creating sibling grafts
  • graft: record intermediate grafts in extras
  • log: display closing-branch nodes as "_" (BC)
  • log: fix --follow null parent not to include revision 0
  • log: make -fr show complete history from the given revs (BC)
  • log: prefer 'wctx' over 'pctx' for working context
  • patch.internalpatch: accept a prefix parameter
  • patch.internalpatch: add a default value for prefix
  • patch: rename pathstrip to pathtransform
  • pull: print "pulling from foo" before accessing the other repo
  • push: acquire local 'wlock' if "pushback" is expected (BC) (issue4596)

  • resolve: silence warning of unknown pats for -l/--list (BC)
  • revert: evaluate filesets against working directory (issue4497)

  • revert: fix --interactive on local modification (issue4576)

  • revert: stop marking files clean after interactive revert (issue4592)

  • revert: accept just -I/-X without paths or -a/-i (issue4592)

  • revert: apply normallookup on reverted file if size isn't changed (issue4583)

  • revert: restore the ability to revert across case only renames (issue4481)

  • status: add relative directory help text (issue3835)

4.2. core

  • bundle2: capture transaction rollback message output (issue4614)

  • bundle2: disable ouput capture unless we use http (issue4613 issue4615)

  • changelog: fix readpending if no pending data exist (issue4609)

  • dirstate: fix order of initializing nf vs f
  • filelog: allow censored files to contain padding data
  • merge: run update hook after the last wlock release
  • pushkey: flush pending data before running a pre-pushkey hook (issue4607)

  • repoview: improve compute staticblockers perf
  • revlog: _addrevision creates full-replace deltas based on censored revisions
  • revlog: add "iscensored()" to revlog public API
  • revlog: addgroup checks if incoming deltas add censored revs, sets flag bit
  • revlog: in addgroup, reject ill-formed deltas based on censored nodes
  • revlog: make converting from inline to non-line work after a strip
  • revlog: special case expanding full-replacement deltas received by exchange
  • subrepo: don't write .hgsubstate lines with empty subrepo state (issue4622)

  • subrepo: update the help text to account for diff -I/-X gitsubrepo support
  • tags: establish a separate and shared cache of .hgtags filenodes
  • tags: change format of tags cache files
  • tags: have a different cache file per filter level
  • ui: disable revsetaliases in plain mode (BC)
  • util: add progress callback support to copyfiles
  • windows: make shellquote() quote any path containing '\' (issue4629)

4.3. extensions

  • color: be more conservative about setting ANSI mode on Windows (BC)
  • color: fix crash in cmd.exe
  • color: omit terminfo/win32 warning if non-interactive (issue4543)

  • color: support a different color mode when the pager is active
  • convert: adjust progress bar for octopus merges (issue4169)

  • histedit: add --edit-plan option to histedit
  • histedit: allow histedit --continue when not on a descendant (BC)
  • histedit: fix preventing strips during histedit
  • histedit: fix style of new error message
  • histedit: improve roll action integration with fold
  • histedit: fix rollup prompting for a commit message (issue4606)

  • largefiles: don't crash when cloning to a remote repo
  • largefiles: don't mangle filesets when fixing up the log matcher
  • largefiles: always consider updatelfiles 'checked' parameter set
  • largefiles: avoid infinite recursive call of openlfdirstate in overriderevert
  • largefiles: don't create chain of contains calls

  • largefiles: don't prefix standin patterns with '.hglf' when logging
  • largefiles: don't warn when reverting a forgotten largefile
  • largefiles: extract and reuse 'standin' variable in overriderevert()
  • largefiles: for update -C, only update largefiles when necessary
  • largefiles: handle logging from outside the repo
  • largefiles: introduce lfutil.findstorepath()
  • largefiles: override cmdutil.revert() instead of comands.revert()
  • largefiles: report the source of copied/moved largefiles in status -C
  • largefiles: set the extension as enabled locally after a clone requiring it
  • largefiles: teach log to handle patterns
  • largefiles: update _subdirlfs() comment
  • largefiles: use common function to build content of .hg_archival.txt
  • largefiles: use lfutil.findstorepath() when verifying a local repo
  • largefiles: use the core file copy logic to validate the destination path
  • largefiles: use the share source as the primary local store (issue4471)

  • mq: avoid silent failure when single patch doesn't apply (issue4604)

  • rebase: don't forward "source" argument to rebase (issue4633)

  • rebase: restore bookmark state on abort
  • record: edit patch of newly added files (issue4304)

  • record: fix adding new file with record from within a subdir (issue4626)

  • record: fix record with change on moved file crashes (issue4619)

  • shelve: acquire lock in the right order
  • shelve: add interactive mode
  • shelve: add interactive mode command line option

4.4. hgweb

  • hgweb: resurrect <span> tag on diffline to fix rendering in monoblue style

  • hgweb: use introrev() for finding parents (issue4506)

  • json: implement {bookmarks} template
  • json: implement {branches} template
  • json: implement {changeset} template
  • json: implement {comparison} template
  • json: implement {fileannotate} template
  • json: implement {filediff} template
  • json: implement {helptopics} template
  • json: implement {help} template
  • json: implement {manifest} template
  • json: implement {shortlog} and {changelog} templates
  • json: implement {tags} template

4.5. unsorted

  • archive: change the default prefix to '' from None

  • archive: look for first visible revision to build repo identity (issue4591)

  • bundle2-localpeer: properly propagate the server output on error (issue4594)

  • bundle2-wireproto: properly propagate the server output on error (issue4594)

  • changeset_printer: display p1rev:p1node with "+" suffix for workingctx
  • check-commit: be more picky about detection of wrong bug tag
  • check-commit: check capitalization in summary lines
  • churn: deprecate -t option in favour of -T
  • crecord: fix another underbar
  • crecord: fix underbar style for orig_stdout
  • devel-warn: add a prefix to all messages ("devel-warn: ")
  • dirs._addpath: don't mutate Python strings after exposing them (issue4589)

  • dispatch: consolidate formatting of ParseErrors

  • dispatch: offer near-edit-distance suggestions for {file,rev}set functions
  • dispatch: offer suggestions of similar-named commands
  • extensions: support callbacks after another extension loads
  • get-with-headers: support parsing and pretty printing JSON
  • graphlog: do not bypass commands.log so that -fr works
  • graphlog: move comment and flag denoting revs might be unsorted
  • graphlog: remove too early return from getgraphlogrevs() for empty repo
  • lazymanifest: fix memory leak in lmiter_iterentriesnext() after 3d485727e45e
  • lazymanifest: fix pure hg iterkeys()
  • linkrev: fix issue with annotate of working copy
  • manifestv2: add support for reading new manifest format
  • manifestv2: add support for writing new manifest format
  • obsolete: avoid infinite loop from obs-cycle in divergence (issue4126)

  • record: add interactive option to the commit command
  • record: allow editing new files (issue4304)

  • record_curses: fix ui bug for newly added file
  • revbranchcache: add test for when the cache is not writable
  • revbranchcache: move out of branchmap onto localrepo
  • revbranchcache: populate cache incrementally
  • revbranchcache: store repo on the object
  • revbranchcache: write cache even during read operations
  • revrange: don't parse revset aliases as hash prefixes (issue4553)

  • rollback: clear resolve state (issue4593)

  • ssl: resolve symlink before checking for Apple python executable (issue4588)

  • ssl: set explicit symbol "!" to web.cacerts to disable SSL verification (BC)
  • strip: properly clear resolve state with --keep (issue4593)

  • subrepo: add 'cat' support for git subrepos
  • subrepo: add basic support to hgsubrepo for the files command
  • subrepo: add include/exclude support for diffing git subrepos
  • subrepo: add status support for ignored and clean files in git subrepos
  • subrepo: change arguments of abstractsubrepo.init (API)

  • subrepos: support adding files in git subrepos
  • test-convert-git: show insane progress bar with octopus merge (issue4169)

  • test-histedit-edit.t: demonstrate qnew fails during a histedit (issue4366)

  • test-https: enable dummycert test only if Apple python is used (issue4500)

  • test-shelve: be more lenient about whitespace (issue4124)

  • tests: add test showing tags cache drops filtered heads (issue4550)

  • tests: handle deleted .hg directory (git 2.2.0 and higher) (issue4585)

  • trydiff: join filename with prefix only once
  • unbundle: acquire 'wlock' when processing bundle2 (BC) (issue4596)

  • webcommands: define a dict of available commands
  • webcommands: define web commands using a decorator

5. Mercurial 3.3.3 (2015-04-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • adjustlinkrev: handle 'None' value as source
  • adjustlinkrev: prepare source revs for ancestry only once
  • amend: check for directory renames for both merge parents (issue4516)

  • annotate: reuse ancestry context when adjusting linkrev (issue4532)

  • dirstate: don't require exact case when adding dirs on icasefs (issue4578)

  • dirstate: make sure rootdir ends with directory separator (issue4557)

  • filemerge: clean up language in mergemarkertemplate help
  • forget: cleanup the output for an inexact case match on icasefs
  • hgweb: prevent loading style map from directories other than specified paths
  • mergecopies: reuse ancestry context when traversing file history (issue4537)

  • templates: fix "log -q" output of default style
  • templates: fix "log -q" output of phases style
  • win32: 'raise ctypes.WinError' -> 'raise ctypes.WinError()'

6. Mercurial 3.3.2 (2015-03-02)

An unscheduled bugfix release to fix the fix.

  • transaction: really disable hardlink backups (issue4546)

7. Mercurial 3.3.1 (2015-03-02)

This is a regularly scheduled bugfix release. It fixes a significant regression with transactions on Windows network shares.

  • dispatch: work around UnicodeDecodeError caused by SSLError of Python 2.7.9

  • hgweb: recreate old DOM structure for css in monoblue style
  • largefiles: access to specific fields only if largefiles enabled (issue4547)

  • log: fix json-formatted output when file copies are listed (issue4523)

  • repoview: invalidate cached changelog if _delayed changes (issue4549)

  • revisionbranchcache: fall back to slow path if starting readonly (issue4531)

  • revset: mask specific names for named() predicate
  • shellquote: fix missing quotes for empty string
  • templatekw: fix {join(bookmarks, sep)} to always show associated bookmarks
  • transaction: disable hardlink backups (issue4546)

8. Mercurial 3.3 (2015-02-01)

This is a regularly scheduled feature release with over 800 changes.

8.1. commands

  • add: add back forgotten files even when not matching exactly (BC)
  • addremove: add back forgotten files (BC)
  • addremove: add support for the -S flag
  • addremove: print relative paths when called with -I/-X (BC)
  • addremove: support addremove with explicit paths in subrepos
  • backout: add --commit option
  • commit: abort if --addremove is specified, but fails
  • commit: remove reverse search for copy source when not in parent (issue4476)

  • commit: propagate --addremove to subrepos if -S is specified (issue3759)

  • graft: show more useful status information while grafting

8.2. core

  • bundles: do not overwrite existing backup bundles (BC)
  • osx: patch .pax.gz files in pkg bundles so they extract as root (issue4081)

  • revset: handle hidden linkrev for file missing for head (issue4490)

  • revset: allow rev(-1) to indicate null revision (BC)
  • revset: fix ancestors(null) to include null revision (issue4512)

  • subrepo: don't abort in add when non-hg subrepos are present (issue4513)

  • cmdserver: use given streams as pipe channels like other commands
  • extensions: only check compatibility against major and minor versions (BC)
  • https: support tls sni (server name indication) for https urls (issue3090)

  • ignore: resolve ignore files relative to repo root (issue4473) (BC)

  • linkrev: handle filtered linkrev with no visible children (issue4307)

  • linkrev: also adjust linkrev when bootstrapping annotate (issue4305)

  • linkrev: use the right manifest content when adjusting linrev (issue4499)

  • memctx: calculate manifest correctly with newly-removed files (issue4470)

  • memctx: fix manifest for removed files (issue4470)

  • obsstore: disable garbage collection during initialization (issue4456)

  • subrepo: support remove with explicit paths in subrepos
  • subrepo: add full revert support for git subrepos
  • subrepo: add partial diff support for git subrepos
  • subrepo: add status support for ignored files in git subrepos
  • win32: remove Mercurial.ini file from Inno Setup installer (issue4435)

8.3. hgweb

  • hgweb: allow viewing diffs against p1 or p2 for merge commits (issue3904)

8.4. extensions

  • color: add support for colorizing git subrepo diffs
  • color: add missing 'dim' in _effects
  • convert: on svn failure, note libsvn version (issue4043)

  • convert: replace revision references in messages if they are >= short hashes

  • convert: handle LookupError in mercurial_source.lookuprev()

  • extdiff: reintroduce backward compatibility with manual quoting of parameters
  • histedit: add a test to show that issue4251 is fixed (issue4251)

  • largefiles: fix commit of a directory with no largefile changes (issue4330)

  • largefiles: use 'default' path for pulling largefiles, not 'default-push'
  • largefiles: enable subrepo support for add, forget, remove
  • largefiles: show progress when checking standin hashes in outgoing changesets
  • mq: smarter handling of plain headers
  • patchbomb: don't honor whitespace and format-changing diffopts (BC)
  • rebase: show more useful status information while rebasing
  • rebase: ensure rebase revision remains visible (issue4504)

  • extdiff: avoid unexpected quoting arguments for external tools (issue4463)

  • highlight: ignore Unicode's extra linebreaks (issue4291)

  • record: don't honor format-changing diffopts (issue4459)

  • share: add option to share bookmarks
  • transplant: properly skip empty changeset (issue4423)

9. Mercurial 3.2.4 (2015-01-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • demandimport: blacklist distutils.msvc9compiler (issue4475)

  • largefiles: backout f72d73937853 - linear updates handle m -> a differently

  • largefiles: fix a spurious missing file warning with 'remove -A' (issue4053)

  • largefiles: fix a spurious missing file warning with forget (issue4053)

  • largefiles: introduce the 'composelargefilematcher()' method
  • largefiles: mark lfile as added in lfdirstate when the standin is added
  • sshpeer: more thorough shell quoting

10. Mercurial 3.2.3 (2014-12-18)

This is an unscheduled bugfix release containing two security fixes for issues we uncovered in both Git and Mercurial for CVE-2014-9390. Users on Mac and Windows are encouraged to upgrade.

  • context: stop setting None for modified or added nodes
  • darwin: omit ignorable codepoints when normcase()ing a file path
  • encoding: add hfsignoreclean to clean out HFS-ignored characters
  • largefiles: don't actually remove largefiles in an addremove dry run
  • log: fix log -f slow path to actually follow history
  • log: fix log revset instability
  • manifest: disallow setting the node id of an entry to None
  • pathauditor: check for Windows shortname aliases
  • pathauditor: check for codepoints ignored on OS X
  • rebase: ignore negative state when updating back to original wc parent
  • update: add tests for untracked local file
  • update: don't overwrite untracked ignored files on update

11. Mercurial 3.2.2 (2014-12-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • changegroup: fix file linkrevs during reorders (issue4462)

  • hgweb: send proper HTTP response after uncaught exception
  • largefiles: avoid exec-bit examination on the platforms unaware of it
  • largefiles: don't show largefile/normal prompts if one side is unchanged
  • manifest: fix a bug where working copy file 'add' mark was buggy
  • merge: be precise about what merged into what in short desc
  • merge: before cd/dc prompt, check that changed side really changed
  • mq: fix update of headers that occur in the "wrong" order
  • mq: introduce insertplainheader - same naive implementation as before
  • mq: when adding headers in plain mode, separate them from message (issue4453)

  • mq: when setting message in plain mode, separate it from header (issue4453)

  • push: stop independent usage of bundle2 in syncphase (issue4454)

  • pushkey: gracefully handle prepushkey hook failure (issue4455)

  • rename: properly report removed and added file as modified (issue4458)

  • revert: look for copy information for all local modifications
  • revset: fix first and last for generatorset (issue4465)

  • templates: fix broken "less" & "more" links in paper style (issue4460)

12. Mercurial 3.2.1 (2014-11-11)

This is an unscheduled release to address regressions in discovery, rebase, and bookmarks.

  • bookmarks: fix formatting of exchange message (issue4439)

  • changegroup: don't store unused value on fnodes (issue4443)

  • convert: use git diff-tree -Cn% instead of --find-copies=n% for older git
  • discovery: indices between sample and yesno must match (issue4438)

  • discovery: limit 'all local heads known remotely' to real 'all' (issue4438)

  • extdiff: quote user-supplied options passed to shell
  • hgweb: fix a crash when using web.archivesubrepos
  • mail: actually use the verifycert config value
  • rebase: fix rebase with no common ancestors (issue4446)

  • serve: correct meta variable of --daemon-pipefds option
  • templater: don't overwrite the keyword mapping in runsymbol() (issue4362)

13. Mercurial 3.2 (2014-11-01)

This is a quarterly feature release.

13.1. commands

  • amend: abort early if no username is configured with evolve enabled (issue4211)

  • amend: fix amending rename commit with diverged topologies (issue4405)

  • annotate: rewrite long short-circuit statement by if-elif-else
  • bookmark: make the search for divergent names more robust
  • bookmarks: allow pushkey if new equals current
  • bookmarks: explicitly track identical bookmarks
  • bookmarks: fix divergent bookmark path normalization
  • bookmarks: inform transaction-related hooks that some bookmarks were moved
  • branches: include active, closed and current flags in template output
  • clone: copy '.hg/bookmarks' during copy clone
  • clone: explicitly push bookmarks when cloning from local to remote
  • clone: fix copying bookmarks in uncompressed clones (issue4430)

  • clone: for local clones, copy branchcache from the right location (issue4286)

  • clone: for local clones, copy over filtered branchcaches as well (issue4286)

  • clone: properly mark branches closed with --uncompressed (issue4428)

  • clone: provide sample username = config entry in .hg/hgrc (issue4359)

  • commit: correctly check commit mutability during commit --amend
  • commit: add customizable committemplate config
  • config: give more fine-tuned sample hgrcs to this command
  • config: highlight parse error caused by leading spaces (issue3214)

  • files: add new command unifying locate and manifest functionality
  • graft: allow regrafting ancestors with --force (issue3220)

  • graft: make --force apply across continues (issue3220)

  • help: document that default hgweb style is called paper (issue4373)

  • help: update help for hgweb template and style (issue4373)

  • import: let --exact 'work' with --no-commit (issue4376)

  • locate: deprecate in favor of files
  • log: allow patterns with -f
  • log: do not hide the public phase in debug mode (BC)
  • log: rewrite default template to use labels (issue2866)

  • log: show phase in hg log -v with the phase template
  • merge-tools: add a 'premerge=keep-merge3' config option
  • merge: use bid merge by default (BC)
  • merge: support three labels when using conflict markers
  • parents: deprecate the parents commands
  • pull: perform bookmark updates in the transaction
  • push: update bookmarks within the remote lock
  • push: wrap local phase movement in a transaction
  • pushbookmark: do not attempt to update bookmarks if the push failed (BC)
  • status: make 'hg status --rev' faster when there are deleted files
  • tag: properly abort if an unknown or ignored .hgtags is present

13.2. core

  • alias: expand "$@" as list of parameters quoted individually (BC) (issue4200)

  • dirstate: add exception when calling setparent without begin/end (API)
  • dirstate: wrap setparent calls with begin/endparentchange (issue4353)

  • hook: protect commit hooks against stripping of temporary commit (issue4422)

  • i18n: detect UI language without POSIX-style locale variable on Windows (BC)
  • localrepo: remove the 'pull' method (API)
  • localrepo: remove the 'push' method (API)
  • posix: implement readpipe using non-blocking I/O (issue4336)

  • revset: fix O(2^n) perf regression in addset
  • revset: have rev() drop out-of-range or filtered rev explicitly (issue4396)

  • setdiscovery: limit the size of all sample (issue4411)

  • ssl: only support TLS (BC)
  • ssl: only use the dummy cert hack if using an Apple Python (issue4410)

  • templater: fix ifcontains when list is a string (issue4399)

13.3. extensions

  • convert: add support for deterministic progress bar on scanning phase
  • convert: add support to detect git renames and copies
  • eol: fix crash when handling removed files
  • histedit: add "roll" command to fold commit data and drop message (issue4256)

  • largefiles: add examination of exec bit in "hg status --rev REV" case
  • largefiles: keep largefiles from colliding with normal one during linear merge
  • largefiles: restore R status of removed largefiles correctly at "hg rollback"
  • largefiles: restore standins from non branch-tip parent at rollback correctly
  • largefiles: unlink standins not known to the restored dirstate at rollback
  • mq: write '# Parent ' lines with two spaces like export does (BC)
  • mq: write headers for new HG patches in the same order as export (BC)
  • shelve: don't delete "." when rebase is a no-op (issue4398)

13.4. hgweb

  • hgweb: disable SSLv3 serving (BC)
  • hgweb: refresh repository using URL not path (issue4323)

14. Mercurial 3.1.2 (2014-10-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • commit: catch changed exec bit on files from p1 (issue4382)

  • diff: document the nobinary option
  • dispatch: check shell alias again after loading extensions (issue4355)

  • dispatch: make "_checkshellalias" reusable regardless of adding aliases
  • help: fix typo in log examples
  • help: mention mode in hg log --removed help (issue4381)

  • hgweb: fail if an invalid command was supplied in url path (issue4071)

  • hgweb: refresh hgweb.repo on phase change (issue4061)

  • histedit: abort gracefully on --continue/--abort with no state
  • keepalive: fix how md5 is used
  • mq: examine "pushable" of already applied patch correctly
  • mq: pop correct patches when changing pushable-ness of already applied ones
  • mq: report correct numbers for changing "number of guarded, applied patches"
  • mq: use "mq.applied[i].name" instead of "mq.appliedname(i)" for safety
  • revset: add an optimised baseset.contains (issue4371)

  • templater: fix precedence of --style and --template options

15. Mercurial 3.1.1 (2014-09-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • changectx: ancestor should only prefer merge.preferancestor if it is a revision
  • color: pass on key error for win32 (issue4298)

  • config: exit non zero on non-existent config option (issue4247)

  • context: call normal on the right object
  • debugobsolete: catch ValueError that may be raised by obsstore.create

  • discovery: prevent crash on unknown remote heads with old repo (issue4337)

  • graft: fix collision detection with origin revisions that are missing
  • help: add pad function to template help
  • help: only call doc() when it is callable
  • hgweb: avoid config object race with hgwebdir (issue4326)

  • histedit: preserve initial author on fold (issue4296)

  • import: show warning message for merge changesets
  • incoming: don't request heads that already are common
  • largefiles: don't override matchandpats for always matchers (issue4334)

  • largefiles: drop setting lfstatus in overridelog (issue4334)

  • largefiles: in overridelog, use non-lf matcher for patch generation (issue4334)

  • log: use correct phase info for parent field (issue4347)

  • merge: show the scary multiple ancestor hint for merges only, not for updates
  • obsstore.create: add a simple safeguard against cyclic markers
  • repoview: filter tags to non-existent nodes from blockers (issue4328)

  • repoview: fix typo in repoview.changelog
  • revset: bookmark revset interprets 'literal:' prefix correctly (issue4329)

  • unbundle: don't advance bookmarks (issue4322) (BC)

16. Mercurial 3.1 (2014-08-01)

16.1. Core features

  • backout: accept '--edit' like other commands creating new changeset
  • bookmarks: improve the bookmark help (issue4244)

  • commit: make commit message shown in text editor customizable by template
  • config: allow 'user' in .hgrc ui section (issue3169)

  • conflict markers: customise local/other name for various command (graft, update, rebase, ...) (BC)
  • diff: add nobinary config to suppress git-style binary diffs
  • discovery: if a push would create a new head, mention the bookmark name if any
  • filemerge: add an internal:tagmerge merge tool
  • filemerge: add a [ui] mergemarkers option to use detailed merge marker.

  • gpg: accept '--edit' like other commands creating new changeset
  • help: suggest keyword search when no topic is found
  • import: add --partial flag to create a changeset despite failed hunks
  • resolve: print message when no unresolved files remain (issue4214)

  • resolve: print warning when no work performed (issue4208)

  • templatefilter: add splitlines function
  • templatekw: add 'currentbookmark' keyword to show current bookmark easily
  • templatekw: add 'subrepos' keyword to show updated subrepositories
  • templater: introduce startswith function
  • templater: introduce word function
  • templates: escape NUL bytes in jsonescape (issue4303)

  • update: introduce --tool for controlling the merge tool
  • update: show message when a bookmark is activated by update
  • update: when deactivating a bookmark, print a message
  • version: show enabled extensions (issue4209)

16.2. Extension features

  • convert: detect removal of ".gitmodules" at git source revisions correctly
  • convert: drastically speed up git conversions
  • convert: mercurial source: convert global tags only - not local tags
  • convert: only consider shamap revisions converted if they still exists
  • convert: update the transplant, rebase and graft references in 'extra'
  • largefiles: show also how many data entities are outgoing at "hg outgoing"
  • mergetools.hgrc: add minimal configuration for editmerge
  • pager: add attend-<command> option

  • patchbomb: includes series information in the header
  • purge: add options for deleting only files or only directories
  • qfold: allow to specify '--message/'--logfile' and '--edit' at the same time
  • qimport: record imported revs incrementally (issue3874)

  • qrefresh: allow to specify '--message/'--logfile' and '--edit' at the same time
  • shelve: accept '--edit' like other commands creating new changeset
  • shelve: add -l|--list support for bash completion
  • strip: drop -b/--backup option (BC)

16.3. Fixes

  • bookmarks: avoid deleting primary bookmarks on rebase
  • branch: add debug message for branch cache write failure
  • bugzilla extension: stop trying to cache setup across hook invocation
  • filemerge: use non-minimal conflict marker regions (BC)
  • help: always show command help with -h (issue4240)

  • histedit: respect revsetalias entries (issue4311)

  • largefiles: avoid unnecessary creation of .hg/largefiles when opening lfdirstate
  • largefiles: include largefiles when doing log on a directory (issue4241)

  • largefiles: use "normallookup", if "mtime" of standin is unset
  • log: allow revset for --follow to be lazily evaluated
  • log: do not use exact matcher for --patch --follow without file (issue4319)

  • log: make --patch --follow work inside a subdirectory
  • p4: accept changesets with no description (issue4282)

  • resolve: keep wlock while resolving
  • revset: maintain ordering when subtracting from a baseset (issue4289)

  • revset: optimize baseset.sub (issue4313)

  • strip: remove bookmarks after strip succeed (issue4295)

  • vim: use try catch in vim plugin to avoid conflicts

16.4. Experimental features

  • bundle2: add pushkey support
  • bundle2: fix bundle2 pulling all revs on empty pulls
  • bundle2: pull phase data alongside changesets (when enabled)
  • bundle2: use bundle2 to push phases (when enabled)

16.5. Mercurial project

  • build: initial support for in-tree autobuilding recipes
  • buildrpm: include release version in .tar.gz name
  • make: add a basic osx mpkg target
  • packaging: move output directory from build/ to packages/
  • setup: fixed for Pythons which don't have a CFLAGS
  • setup: make Xcode 5.1 check less specific

17. Mercurial 3.0.2 (2014-07-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • cmdutil: add copy-filtering support to duplicatecopies
  • hgweb: avoid initialization race (issue4280)

  • keyword: suppress keyword expansion for internal merge
  • match: make glob '**/' match the empty string
  • parsers.c: fix a couple of memory leaks
  • push: restore contents of HG_URL for hooks (issue4268)

  • rebase: fix bug that caused transitive copy records to disappear (issue4192)

  • repoview: do not crash when localtags refers to non existing revisions

18. Mercurial 3.0.1 (2014-06-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • alias: change return code of bad definition to 255
  • alias: fix loss of non-zero return code in command aliases
  • alias: handle shlex error in command aliases
  • bookmarks: properly align multi-byte characters
  • bugzilla: support Bugzilla 4.4.3+ API login token authentication (issue4257)

  • bundle2: fix bundle2 pulling all revs on empty pulls
  • bundle2: fix configuration name mismatch
  • changelog: ensure changelog._delaybuf is initialized
  • color: don't fail on error messages when no curses (issue4237)

  • exchange: propagate arguments to the _getbundleextrapart function
  • localrepo: prevent leak of transaction object (issue4258)

  • proxy: remove unneeded _set_hostport for compatibility with Python 2.7.7rc1
  • setup.py, make: avoid problems with outdated, existing hgext/__index__.py*

  • subrepo: avoid sanitizing ".hg/hgrc" in meta data area for non-hg subrepos
  • subrepo: invoke "_sanitize()" also after "git merge --ff"
  • subrepo: make "_sanitize()" take absolute path to the root of subrepo
  • subrepo: make "_sanitize()" work
  • subrepo: normalize path in the specific way for problematic encodings
  • templates: fix ifcontains against sets with length > 1 (issue4259)

  • win32: backout 1a9ebc83a74c

19. Mercurial 3.0 (2014-05-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled quarterly feature release. Unlike other 3.0 software releases, this is simply 2.9 + .1, so it should be the usual pain-free upgrade.

19.1. Core features

  • cat: support explicit paths in subrepos
  • cmdserver: allow starting server without repository
  • clone: abort if default destination has no meaningful name (BC)
  • clone: put streaming clones in a transaction
  • color: add debugcolor command (issue4094)

  • color: allow color keywords to be used directly in template
  • commands: add -T as alternative to --template
  • commands: hg debuginstall checks missing templates (issue4151)

  • commit: --edit/-e allows editing commit message supplied through other means
  • config: add initial implementation of --edit (with --global and --local flags)
  • debuginstall: add Python information to debuginstall output (issue4128)

  • demandimport: support HGDEMANDIMPORT=disable to disable demandimport
  • hgweb: add metadata to atom and rss feed entries
  • http: reuse authentication info after the first failed request (issue3567)

  • log: change implementation to use graphlog code
  • push: provide a hint when no paths are configured (issue3692)

  • require: provide a link to a wiki page as well as suggesting upgrade
  • revset: new implementation with incremental evaluation
  • revset: try to handle hyphenated symbols if lookup callback is available
  • revset: add 'only()' revset
  • sshpeer: only print out 'running ssh' messages in debug mode (BC)
  • template: add ifcontains template function
  • template: add pad function for padding output
  • template: add revset() template function
  • template: add shortest(node) template function
  • template: add flexible -T option
  • win32: improve the performance of win32.unlink() over CIFS

19.2. Extension features

  • blackbox: log events related to branch cache
  • convert: avoid updating tags when there is nothing new
  • convert: compare tags from all heads instead of just one
  • convert: replace old sha1s in the description
  • extensions: mark win32text deprecated
  • extensions: remove interhg
  • extensions: remove the inotify extension (BC)
  • histedit: select the lowest rev when looking for a root in a revset (BC)
  • journal: report parsing errors on recover/rollback (issue4172)

  • qimport: allow importing URLs

19.3. Fixes

  • backout: don't limit ancestry check to a single ancestor
  • backout: improve confusing 'cannot backout change on a different branch' abort
  • caches: invalidate store caches when lock is taken
  • cmdserver: forcibly use L channel to read password input (issue3161)

  • cmdserver: reload mq on each runcommand request to avoid corruption
  • diff: use second filename for --stat reporting on git patches (issue4221)

  • dirstate: report bad subdirectories as match.bad, not just a warning (BC)
  • extensions: use normpath to allow trailing '\' on Windows (issue4187)

  • fncache: clean up fncache during strips
  • largefiles: changed overridelog to work with graphlog
  • largefiles: don't prompt when one side of merge was changed but didn't change
  • largefiles: remove directories emptied after their files are moved (issue3515)

  • parsers: fail fast if Python has wrong minor version (issue4110)

  • phases: apply publishing enforcement for "serve" source
  • revlog: deal with chunk ranges over 2G on Windows (issue4215)

  • setup.py: fix C extension compilation issue with OS X 10.9 and Xcode 5.1
  • subrepo: check return code for git push (issue4223)

19.4. Experimental features

  • bundle2: experimental support for bundle2
  • merge: experimental implementation of bid merge
  • merge: tell when .ancestor picks one of multiple common ancestors heads

20. Mercurial 2.9.2 (2014-04-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • amend: save commit message into ".hg/last-message.txt"
  • backout: correct commit status of no changes made (BC) (issue4190)

  • backout: document return code of merge conflict
  • commit: create new amend changeset as secret correctly for "--secret" option
  • commit: propagate --secret option to subrepos (issue4182)

  • convert: more clear documentation of the 'include' default of a 'include .'
  • dispatch: only do import(debugger) when a debugger is requested

  • log: solves bug regarding hg log -r 0:null (issue4039)

  • hg: introduce "wirepeersetupfuncs" to setup wire peer by extensions (issue4109)

  • hg: use "os.path.join()" to join path components which may be empty (issue4203)

  • histedit: save manually edited commit message into ".hg/last-message.txt"
  • localrepo: save manually edited commit message as soon as possible
  • merge: fix lack of "%s" in format string causing TypeError at runtime

  • paper: overlapping of section title on help pages (issue4051)

  • phase: say "Returns 0" instead of "Return 0" like other command help
  • qfold: save manually edited commit message into ".hg/last-message.txt"
  • qnew: save manually edited commit message into ".hg/last-message.txt"
  • rebase: use "commitforceeditor" instead of "ui.edit()" for "--collapse"
  • revset: document the regular expression support for tag(name)
  • subrepo: add trailing newlines to warnings
  • subrepo: convert matched string to integer before comparing Git version
  • subrepo: only retrieve the first two components of the Git version
  • tag: save manually edited commit message into ".hg/last-message.txt"
  • templater: apply "stringify()" on sub expression to get string correctly
  • templater: avoid recursive evaluation of string literals completely
  • templater: make strings in template expressions be "string-escape"-ed correctly
  • templater: raise error for unknown function

21. Mercurial 2.9.1 (2014-03-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • coal: hgweb style adds extra blank line in file view (issue4136)

  • hg.openpath: use url.islocal to tell if the path is local (issue3624)

  • hgweb: hack around mimetypes encoding thinko (issue4160)

  • hooks: only disable/re-enable demandimport when it's already enabled
  • merge: add "other" file node in the merge state file
  • merge: audit the right destination file when merging with dir rename
  • merge: don't overwrite file untracked after remove, abort with 'untracked files'
  • merge: record the "other" node in merge state
  • pathencode: eliminate signed integer warnings
  • pull: close peer repo on completion (issue2491) (issue2797)

  • purge: avoid duplicate output for --print (issue4092)

  • rebase: do not try to reactivate deleted divergent bookmark
  • resolve: use "other" changeset from merge state (issue4163)

  • verify: do not prevent verify repository containing hidden changesets

22. Mercurial 2.9 (2014-02-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled feature release.

22.1. Core features

  • backout: add a message after backout that need manual commit
  • bash_completion: add global support for -B|--bookmark
  • bash_completion: add global support for -b|--branch
  • bookmarks: allow push -B to create a new remote head (issue2372)

  • date: allow %z in format (issue4040)

  • hgweb: infinite scroll support for coal, gitweb, and monoblue styles
  • patch: add support for git delta hunks
  • url: added authuri when login information is requested (issue3209)

22.2. Performance improvement

  • backout: avoid update on simple case
  • branchmap: cache open/closed branch head information
  • cat: increase perf when catting single files
  • changectx: increase perf of walk function
  • strip: add faster revlog strip computation

22.3. Extension features

  • bash_completion: add completion for deleting a shelve
  • convert: use branchmap to change default branch in destination (issue3469)

  • record: --user/-u now works with record when ui.username not set (issue3857)

  • subrepo: check phase of state in each subrepositories before committing

22.4. Fixes

  • aliases: make "_checkshellalias()" invoke "findcmd()" with "strict=True"
  • bisect: --command without --noupdate should flag the parent rev it tested
  • clone: do not turn hidden changeset public on publishing clone (issue3935)

  • diff: search beyond ancestor when detecting renames
  • push: properly move phase boundary when no changeset are exchanged (issue3786)

  • rebase: abort cleanly when we encounter a damaged rebasestate (issue4155)

  • rebase: do not crash in panic when cwd disapear in the process (issue4121)

  • record: re-enable whitespace-ignoring options
  • relink: abort earlier when on different devices (issue3916)

  • subrepo: make it possible to update to hidden subrepo revisions
  • templater: selecting a style with no templates does not crash (issue4140)

  • update: consider successor changesets for a bare update
  • update: consider successor changesets when moving active bookmark

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