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(3.8.1 was released immediately after 3.8 to fix a release oversight.) 
(3.8.1 was released immediately after 3.8 to fix a release oversight.)
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 Mercurial prior to 3.8 allowed arbitrary code execution when using
the convert extension on Git repos with hostile names. This could
affect automated code conversion services that allow arbitrary
repository names. This is a further side-effect of Git CVE-2015-7545.
Reported and fixed by Blake Burkhart.
 . Mercurial prior to 3.8 allowed arbitrary code execution when using the convert extension on Git repos with hostile names. This could affect automated code conversion services that allow arbitrary repository names. This is a further side-effect of Git CVE-2015-7545. Reported and fixed by Blake Burkhart.

There's also an [[Release3.8|overview of new features]] available.
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 Mercurial prior to 3.7.3 contained two bounds-checking errors in its
binary delta decoder that may be exploitable via clone, push, or pull.
 . Mercurial prior to 3.7.3 contained two bounds-checking errors in its binary delta decoder that may be exploitable via clone, push, or pull.
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 Mercurial prior to 3.7.3 allowed URLs for Git subrepos that could
result in arbitrary code execution on clone. This is a further
side-effect of Git CVE-2015-7545. Reported by Blake Burkhart.
 . Mercurial prior to 3.7.3 allowed URLs for Git subrepos that could result in arbitrary code execution on clone. This is a further side-effect of Git CVE-2015-7545. Reported by Blake Burkhart.
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 Mercurial prior to 3.7.3 allowed arbitrary code execution when
converting Git repos with hostile names. This could affect automated
conversion services. Reported by Blake Burkhart.
 . Mercurial prior to 3.7.3 allowed arbitrary code execution when converting Git repos with hostile names. This could affect automated conversion services. Reported by Blake Burkhart.
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Regularly scheduled feature release.
There's also an [[Release3.7|overview of new features]] available.
Regularly scheduled feature release. There's also an [[Release3.7|overview of new features]] available.
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Release Notes

Features and bugfixes in our latest releases. Please see the Download page for links to source and binaries.

Note that Mercurial follows a time-based release plan with major releases every three months and minor (bugfix) releases on the first of every month (see TimeBasedReleasePlan).

{i} Be sure to read the upgrade notes when upgrading.

(See the archive for older versions)

1. Mercurial 3.8 / 3.8.1 (2016-5-1)

(3.8.1 was released immediately after 3.8 to fix a release oversight.)

Regularly scheduled feature release. This release contains a low-priority security fix for:

CVE-2016-3105 Mercurial: arbitrary code execution when converting Git repos

  • Mercurial prior to 3.8 allowed arbitrary code execution when using the convert extension on Git repos with hostile names. This could affect automated code conversion services that allow arbitrary repository names. This is a further side-effect of Git CVE-2015-7545. Reported and fixed by Blake Burkhart.

There's also an overview of new features available.

1.1. commands

  • bookmarks: add 'hg push -B .' for pushing the active bookmark (issue4917)

  • bookmarks: avoid creating a nested repository during testing
  • branchmap: check node against changelog instead of repo
  • commands: add postincoming explicit brev argument (API)
  • commands: centralize code to update with extra care for non-file components
  • commit: block amend while histedit is in progress (issue4800)

  • fileset: replace predicate by filesetpredicate of registrar (API)
  • graft: suggest the correct tool to continue (not graft)
  • graft: use single quotes around command hint
  • log: disable graph styling when HGPLAIN is set (issue5212)

  • log: fix seen state handling for > 2 parents (issue5174)

  • log: fix status template to list copy source per dest (issue5155)

  • merge: minimize conflicts when common base is not shown (issue4447)

  • pull: activate a bookmark matching with the destination of the update (BC)
  • pull: deactivate a bookmark not matching with the destination of the update
  • revert: makes interactive mode ask to forget added files (issue4936)

  • verify: check directory manifests
  • verify: check for orphaned dirlogs
  • verify: include "manifest" prefix in a few more places
  • verify: move cross-checking of changeset/manifest out of _crosscheckfiles()
  • verify: show progress while verifying dirlogs
  • verify: don't init subrepo when missing one is referenced (issue5128) (API)

1.2. core

  • bdiff: balance recursion to avoid quadratic behavior (issue4704)

  • bdiff: further restrain potential quadratic performance
  • hook: report untrusted hooks as failure (issue5110) (BC)

  • revset: remove useless extpredicate class (API)
  • revset: make sort() do dumb multi-pass sorting for multiple keys (issue5218)

  • templater: load and expand aliases by template engine (API) (issue4842)

  • templater: separate function to create templater from map file (API)
  • ui: add prompt argument to write (issue5154) (API)

1.3. extensions

  • convert: keep converted hg parents that are outside convert.hg.revs (BC)
  • histedit: adds hint how to reorder changesets at editor (issue3766)

  • histedit: improve error when run on nodes with children (issue5056)

  • histedit: make histedit aware of obsolescense not stored in state (issue4800)

  • largefiles: add abstract methods in remotestore class
  • largefiles: don't access repo.changelog directly in getlfilestoupload
  • largefiles: don't explicitly list optional parameters that are not used
  • largefiles: drop partial support for not having a user cache
  • largefiles: introduce push --lfrev to control which revisions are pushed
  • largefiles: replace invocation of os.path module by vfs in lfcommands.py
  • largefiles: specify unit for ui.progress when operating on files
  • largefiles: use revisions as a ui.progress unit
  • rebase: 'hg pull --rebase' now update only if there was nothing to rebase
  • rebase: add potential divergent commit hashes to error message (issue5086)

  • rebase: adds storing collapse message (issue4792)

  • rebase: choose default destination the same way as 'hg merge' (BC)
  • rebase: explicitly test abort from ambiguous destination
  • rebase: fix crash when rebase aborts while rebasing obsolete revisions
  • rebase: mention help merge-tools in help
  • rebase: perform update through the 'update' command
  • rebase: remove experimental option from 'rebase' config section
  • rebase: respect checkunknown and checkignored in more cases
  • rebase: suggest the correct tool to continue (not rebase)
  • rebase: restrict rebase destination to the pulled set (issue5214)

  • shelve: adds restoring newly created branch (issue5048) (BC)

  • shelve: changes getting opts values by get method
  • shelve: make non bare shelve not saving branch information in bundle
  • shelve: preserve newly created branch on non-bare shelve in wctx (BC)
  • shelve: suggest the correct tool to continue (not unshelve)

1.4. hgweb

  • hgweb: add option to convert encoding of graphdata()
  • hgweb: add parents to json-log (issue5074)

  • hgweb: generate last change date for an empty atom-bookmarks feed (issue5022)

1.5. unsorted

  • blackbox: optionally log event source
  • bugzilla: do not load style file if template is specified (BC)
  • bundle: move writebundle() from changegroup.py to bundle2.py (API)
  • bundle: warn when update to revision existing only in a bundle (issue5004)

  • bundlerepo: properly handle hidden linkrev in filelog (issue4945)

  • changelog: add class to represent parsed changelog revisions
  • changelog: avoid slicing raw data until needed
  • changelog: backed out changeset 1778770e1982
  • changelog: backed out changeset 86de91c56355
  • changelog: lazily parse date/extra field
  • changelog: lazily parse description
  • changelog: lazily parse files
  • changelog: lazily parse manifest node
  • changelog: lazily parse user
  • changelog: lazy decode description (API)
  • changelog: lazy decode user (API)
  • changelog: parse description last
  • chg: fallback to original hg for some unsupported commands or flags
  • chg: forward job control signals to worker process (issue5051)

  • chg: pass sensitive command line flags to server
  • chgserver: create new process group after fork (issue5051)

  • date: reallow negative timestamp, fix for Windows buggy gmtime() (issue2513)

  • debugrevlog: fix dumping manifest fails on empty first revision (issue5062)

  • demandimport: blacklist sqlalchemy.events as it has side effects (issue5085)

  • demandimport: enforce ignore list while processing modules in fromlist
  • destutil: choose non-closed branch head at first (BC)
  • dispatch: add wd parameter to _getlocal
  • dispatch: catch KeyboardInterrupt more broadly

  • dispatch: factor out command failure handling into a function
  • dispatch: flush ui before returning from dispatch
  • dispatch: make cmdalias forward command attributes to function
  • dispatch: make loading extra information from extension extensible
  • dispatch: show deprecation warning if command has no attributes (issue5137)

  • dispatch: store norepo/optionalrepo/inferrepo attributes in function (API)
  • dispatch: strip command line options like config file options
  • encoding: add option to escape non-ascii characters in JSON
  • graphlog: bring back color to node symbol template
  • graphmod: set default edge styles for ascii graphs (BC)
  • hg: perform update after pulling during clone with share (issue5103)

  • http: support sending hgargs via POST body instead of in GET or headers
  • localrepo: move new repo requirements into standalone function (API)
  • localrepo: support background closing for wwrite()
  • mail: retain hostname for sslutil.wrapsocket (issue5203)

  • match: rename "narrowmatcher" to "subdirmatcher" (API)
  • mpatch: un-nest the move() method
  • mpatch: unify mpatchError (issue5182)

  • notify: do not load style file if template is specified (BC)
  • record: deprecate the extension
  • registrar: add templatefilter to mark a function as template filter (API)
  • registrar: add templatefunc to mark a function as template function (API)
  • registrar: add templatekeyword to mark a function as template keyword (API)
  • registrar: remove useless base classes (API)
  • remove: add progress support
  • remove: fix --force option help description (issue5177)

  • remove: queue warnings until after status messages (issue5140) (API)

  • scmutil: support background closing for write()
  • serve: add chdir command for --daemon-postexec
  • serve: rename --daemon-pipefds to --daemon-postexec (BC)
  • sslutil: require a server hostname when wrapping sockets (API)
  • streamclone: specify unit for ui.progress when handling data
  • subrepo: disable localizations when calling Git (issue5176)

  • templatefilters: drop broken "jsonescape" from filters table (BC)
  • templatefilters: make json filter be byte-transparent (BC) (issue4926)

  • templatekw: switch ctx of list expression to rev of {parents} (BC)
  • test-debugextensions: passes with byte-compilation disabled (issue5147)

  • testing: expand Hypothesis tests with branch commands
  • tests: add test for "log -r wdir() -p" (issue4871)

  • tests: ensure that 'hg update' is disabled during histedit (issue3655)

  • tests: update test output for test written on stable branch (issue5104)

  • treemanifest: don't use cp -T, not supported on OS X
  • update: change default destination to tipmost descendant (issue4673) (BC)

  • update: check command line before modifying repo
  • version: verbose list internal and external extension source (issue4731)

2. Mercurial 3.7.3 (2016-3-29)

This is an out of cycle release to address three security issues:

CVE-2016-3630 Mercurial: remote code execution in binary delta decoding

  • Mercurial prior to 3.7.3 contained two bounds-checking errors in its binary delta decoder that may be exploitable via clone, push, or pull.

CVE-2016-3068 Mercurial: arbitrary code execution with Git subrepos

  • Mercurial prior to 3.7.3 allowed URLs for Git subrepos that could result in arbitrary code execution on clone. This is a further side-effect of Git CVE-2015-7545. Reported by Blake Burkhart.

CVE-2016-3069 Mercurial: arbitrary code execution when converting Git repos

  • Mercurial prior to 3.7.3 allowed arbitrary code execution when converting Git repos with hostile names. This could affect automated conversion services. Reported by Blake Burkhart.
  • bdiff: (pure) support array.array arrays (issue5130)

  • convert: add new, non-clowny interface for shelling out to git (SEC)
  • convert: dead code removal - old git calling functions (SEC)
  • convert: rewrite calls to Git to use the new shelling mechanism (SEC)
  • convert: rewrite gitpipe to use common.commandline (SEC)
  • convert: test for shell injection in git calls (SEC)
  • files: don't recurse into subrepos without a path or -S (issue5127)

  • hg: perform update after pulling during clone with share (issue5103)

  • mq: restrict generated patch name to 75 characters (issue5117)

  • obsolete: fix n^2 marker computation behavior
  • parsers: detect short records (SEC)
  • parsers: fix list sizing rounding error (SEC)
  • streamclone: fix error when store files grow while stream cloning
  • subrepo: adapt to git's recent renames-by-default
  • subrepo: set GIT_ALLOW_PROTOCOL to limit git clone protocols (SEC)

3. Mercurial 3.7.2 (2016-3-1)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • bundlerepo: properly handle hidden linkrev in filelog (issue4945)

  • bundlerepo: properly handle hidden linkrev in manifestlog (issue4945)

  • demandimport: add _imp to ignore list
  • doc: correct example concerning "hg purge" alias in man page "hgrc.5"
  • doc: remove deprecated option from synopsis of command help
  • fileset: fix copy/paste in eol() error message
  • help: fix typo in backgroundclose documentation
  • help: hg.intevation.de is new primary name of hg.intevation.de (and new cert)
  • help: update template examples to use reST literal syntax
  • hg: obtain lock when creating share from pooled repo (issue5104)

  • log: fix order of revisions filtered by multiple OR options (issue5100)

  • rebase: update working directory when aborting (issue5084)

  • revert: properly revert to ancestor of p2 during merge (issue5052)

  • revset: flatten chained 'list' operations (aka function args) (issue5072)

  • setup: avoid procedure related to hg.exe at setup.py --pure
  • ui: fix crash by non-interactive prompt echo for user name
  • unionrepo: properly handle hidden linkrev in revlog (issue5070)

  • zeroconf: forward all arguments passed to ui.configitems() wrapper

4. Mercurial 3.7.1 (2016-2-3)

This addresses an urgent regression in compilation on Solaris and metadata handling for conversions.

  • amend: don't preserve most extra fields
  • graft: don't preserve most extra fields
  • histedit: fix typo in documentation
  • osutil: disable compilation of recvfds() on unsupported platforms
  • osutil: do not abort loading pure module just because libc has no recvmsg()
  • rebase: backout changeset 986d04b9fedd
  • rebase: backout changeset d755a9531fce
  • rebase: don't preserve most extra fields

5. Mercurial 3.7 (2016-2-1)

Regularly scheduled feature release. There's also an overview of new features available.

5.1. commands

  • merge: don't try to merge subrepos twice (issue4988)

  • pull: advance current active bookmark at pull --update correctly
  • templater: abort if infinite recursion detected while evaluation (issue4758)

  • annotate: add missing period to help
  • annotate: mention that -n is suppressed in help
  • backout: disable --merge with --no-commit (issue4874)

  • bookmark: deprecate 'bmstore.write' method
  • bookmarks: hoist getbkfile out of bmstore class
  • bookmarks: make _readactive safe when readlines raises ENOENT
  • branch: reword help text
  • clone: move bookmarks and checkouts before pull help
  • clonebundles: improve BUNDLESPEC documentation
  • clonebundles: remove advertisement of feature
  • commands.summary: switch to mergestate.read()
  • commands: inline definition of localrepo.parents() and drop the method (API)
  • commands: make backout acquire locks before processing
  • commands: make commit acquire locks before processing (issue4368)

  • commands: use context manager for opened bundle file
  • commandserver: drop tell() and seek() from channels (issue5049)

  • commandserver: reset state of progress bar per command
  • commit: add a way to return more information from the chunkselector
  • commit: add amend mode for crecord commit -i
  • commit: add some help examples (issue4963)

  • commit: adjust the quoting in the examples to be Windows friendly
  • commit: fix rest syntax of examples
  • commit: make commit acquire store lock before processing for consistency
  • commit: preserve extra when amending with commit --amend
  • fileset: add missing() predicate (issue4925)

  • fileset: use set instead of list to mark predicates for efficiency (API)
  • graft: clarify in help that '-r' is not just optional
  • graft: copy extra (except branch) when copying changesets
  • graft: hook afterresolvedstates
  • graft: improve --continue abort message
  • help: fix quoting for bundle1 options
  • import: add word to help text
  • import: limit scope of msg in tryimportone
  • import: reorder help text
  • log: speed up single file log with hidden revs (issue4747)

  • log: add 'hg log' example for full hashes
  • log: help provide sort by date example
  • log: mention ordering
  • log: speed up hg log <file|folder>

  • merge.graft: add option to keep second parent
  • merge: add options to warn or ignore on colliding unknown files
  • merge: move almost all change/delete conflicts to resolve phase (BC) (API)
  • merge: refuse update/merge if there are unresolved conflicts (BC)
  • mergestate: raise structured exception for unsupported merge records
  • patch: disable nobinary when HGPLAIN=1
  • pull: make a single call to obsstore.add (issue5006)

  • pull: return 255 value on update failure (issue4948) (BC)

  • push: specify default-push and default as fallback paths
  • status: back out changeset 89f49813526c
  • status: change + back out == clean (API)
  • status: revert + flag-change == modified
  • summary: add troubles list to the output of hg summary
  • summary: mention graft
  • summary: print unstable, bumped and divergent as unconditionally plural
  • tags: mention --quiet switch in help (issue4920)

  • verify: add a hook that can let extensions manipulate file lists
  • verify: clean up weird error/warning lists
  • verify: get rid of some unnecessary local variables
  • verify: move checklog() onto class
  • verify: move exc() function onto class
  • verify: remove unreachable code to reraise KeyboardInterrupt

5.2. core

  • context: don't use util.cachefunc due to cycle creation (issue5043)

  • context: use a the nofsauditor when matching file in history (issue4749)

  • parsers: check results of PyInt_FromLong (issue4771)

  • repoview: fix corrupted hiddencache crash Mercurial (issue5042)

  • revlog: avoid string slice when decompressing u* chunks
  • revlog: clarify which revision is added to 'tested' when using cached delta
  • revlog: don't consider nullrev when choosing delta base
  • revlog: improve documentation
  • revlog: make calls to _isgooddelta() consistent
  • revlog: make clearcaches() more effective
  • revlog: return offset from _chunkraw()
  • revsetbenchmarks: support benchmarking changectx loading
  • ui: optionally ignore sub-options from configitems()
  • ui: support declaring path push urls as sub-options
  • util: disable floating point stat times (issue4836)

  • wireproto: config options to disable bundle1
  • wireproto: support disabling bundle1 only if repo is generaldelta

5.3. extensions

  • crecord: fix help bar display issue (issue5063)

  • histedit: add progress support
  • histedit: explain basics of histedit commands
  • histedit: pick an appropriate base changeset by default (BC)
  • largefiles: actions will now always have a file - drop check
  • largefiles: fall back to the original for change/delete conflicts
  • largefiles: fix commit of missing largefiles
  • largefiles: make prompt order deterministic
  • largefiles: specify where .orig files are kept
  • largefiles: use a context manager in _getfile
  • largefiles: use util.readfile in lfconvert
  • largefiles: use util.readfile in overrides
  • largefiles: fix an explicit largefile commit after a remove (issue4969)

  • largefiles: prevent committing a missing largefile
  • mq: check for reserved patch name with qimport -r (issue5033)

  • mq: let the user choose where .orig files are kept
  • rebase: add date parameter to concludenode function
  • rebase: better error message when rebased changes are all in destination
  • rebase: create a new variable to make the next patch more legible
  • rebase: hook afterresolvedstates
  • rebase: only clear rebase status after the rebase transaction has completed
  • rebase: pass date parameter to concludenode
  • rebase: prevent creating divergence
  • rebase: propagate extra dict from rebase source changeset
  • rebase: remove extra "if" from check of collapsing named branches
  • rebase: better way to detect non-detaching revisions (issue5044)

  • rebase: restore help for rebase w/o args (issue5059)

  • shelve: choose where .orig file locations are kept
  • shelve: execute checkunfinished inside wlock scope
  • shelve: hook afterresolvedstates
  • shelve: lowercase flag description
  • shelve: permit shelves to contain unknown files
  • shelve: remove redundant acquisition of wlock for sub commands of unshelve
  • shelve: switch to mergestate.read()
  • shelve: use a context manager for file I/O in listcmd
  • shelve: widen wlock scope of shelve for consistency while processing
  • shelve: widen wlock scope of unshelve for consistency while processing
  • unshelve: add -k as short form of --keep
  • unshelve: add support for custom merge tools
  • unshelve: shed spurious space

5.4. hgweb

  • hgweb: eliminate duck-typing to select hgweb or hgwebdir by command option
  • hgweb: load server settings from --web-conf (issue4699)

  • hgweb: make sure command options are set to all ui objects
  • hgweb: support rendering a sub-topic
  • hgweb: support rendering sub-topic indexes
  • hgweb: update canvas.width before dynamically redrawing graph (issue2683)

5.5. unsorted

  • addrevision: only use the incoming base if it is a good delta (issue4975)

  • backout: commit changeset by default (BC)
  • backout: fix --no-commit option (issue5054)

  • batchget: add support for backing up files
  • builddeb: add --distid option to specify Distributor ID
  • changegroup: introduce cg3, which has support for exchanging treemanifests
  • changelog: add a new method to get files modified by a changeset
  • checkunknownfiles: make control flow clearer
  • crecord: edit during hg crecord should preserve cursor position (issue5041)

  • debugignore: find out why a file is being ignored (issue4856)

  • demandimport: add support for PyPy

  • demandimport: don't enable when running under PyPy

  • destutil: use scmutil.revrange for desthistedit (issue5001)

  • diff: don't crash when merged-in addition was removed (issue4786)

  • discovery: properly filter changeset in 'peer.known' (issue4982)

  • dispatch: copy inferrepo attribute to alias commands
  • dispatch: report similar names consistently
  • dispatch: use print function
  • dispatch: use versiontuple()
  • dockerrpm: fix CentOS 5 RPMs (issue4977)

  • encoding: handle UTF-16 internal limit with fromutf8b (issue5031)

  • encoding: re-escape U+DCxx characters in toutf8b input (issue4927)

  • error: add a structured exception for unsupported merge records
  • extdiff: correctly handle deleted subrepositories (issue3153)

  • extdiff: use @command decorator to set up diff commands
  • filemerge: add a 'leave unresolved' option to change/delete prompts
  • filemerge: add a 'leave unresolved' option to regular prompts
  • filemerge: add support for change/delete conflicts to the ':local' merge tool
  • filemerge: add support for change/delete conflicts to the ':other' merge tool
  • filemerge: add support for change/delete conflicts to the ':prompt' tool
  • filemerge: default change/delete conflicts to 'leave unresolved' (BC)
  • filemerge: default regular prompts to 'leave unresolved' (BC)
  • graphlog: make node symbol templatable by ui.graphnodetemplate option
  • graphlog: rename glog function
  • hghave: support HGMODULEPOLICY for pure
  • localrepo: don't reference transaction from hook closure (issue5043)

  • lsprof: support PyPy (issue4573)

  • mac: fix percent-encoding of non-utf-8 characters (issue4999)

  • match: add option to return line and lineno from readpattern
  • mercurial: pass ui to extensions.load (issue5007)

  • mercurial: support loading modules from zipimporter
  • paths: do not process default-push as pushurl of default path (issue5000)

  • posix: work around "posix" systems without os.link available (issue4974)

  • run-tests: skip threading for a single test (issue5040)

  • scmutil: support background file closing
  • sslutil: fix reversed logic (issue5034)

  • streamclone: use backgroundfilecloser (issue4889)

  • streamclone: use context manager for writing files
  • streamclone: use read()
  • templates: make earlycommands and othercommands optional
  • templates: use canvaswidth instead of fixed width for canvas (issue2683)

  • test-extension: do not depend on demandimport (issue5012)

  • unionrepo: fix wrong rev being checked in iscensored (issue5024)

  • webcommands: get correct parents when comparing a removed file (issue4962)

  • webcommands: stop using ersatz if-else ternary operator for rename variable
  • webcommands: test that fctx is not None in filediff()
  • zeroconf: access repo on hgweb_mod properly (issue5036)

6. Mercurial 3.6.3 (2016-1-1)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • cmdutil: use crecordmod.checkcurses
  • copyfile: add an optional parameter to copy other stat data
  • crecord: stop raising error.Abort if curses is not found (issue5008)

  • dirstate: don't write repo.currenttransaction to repo.dirstate if repo
  • dockerlib: short form for non-unique uid/gid for CentOS 5 compat (issue4977)

  • merge: while checking for unknown files don't follow symlinks (issue5027)

  • mq: use fallback patch name if no alpha-numeric in summary line (issue5025)

  • parsers: fix parse_dirstate to check len before unpacking header (issue4979)

  • paths: include #fragment again
  • push: restore old behavior of default-push (issue5000)

  • record: don't dereference symlinks while copying over stat data
  • revlog: seek to end of file before writing (issue4943)

  • ui: try to handle $$ more robustly in prompts (issue4970)

7. Mercurial 3.6.2 (2015-12-1)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • docker: match more version of 'hg docker version' (issue4967)

  • localrepo.commit: check all files for resolve state (issue4972)

  • rebase: add returning value from pullrebase function
  • resolve: restore .orig only after merge is fully complete (issue4952)

  • share: wrap bmstore._writerepo for transaction sensitivity (issue4940)

  • tags: create new sortdict for performance reasons

8. Mercurial 3.6.1 (2015-11-9)

This is an out-of-cycle bugfix release for issues related to hooks.

  • changegroup: call 'prechangegroup' hook before setting up write delay
  • changegroup: fix the scope of a try finally
  • clonebundles: fix typo s/comand/command/
  • demandimport: fix level passed to loader of sub-modules
  • dirstate: fix filefoldmap incosistency on file delete
  • dockerlib: allow non-unique uid and gid of $DBUILDUSER (issue4657)

  • exchange: do not attempt clone bundle if local repo is non-empty (issue4932)

  • hooks: always include HG_PENDING
  • hooks: fix hooks not firing if prechangegroup was set (issue4934)

  • parsers: fix width of datalen variable in fm1readmarkers
  • posix: fix test-permissions regression
  • posix: retry on symlink race in checklink
  • templatefilters: try round-trip utf-8 conversion by json filter (issue4933)

  • wireproto: move clonebundles command from extension (issue4931)

  • wix: style-coal.css has been renamed

9. Mercurial 3.6 (2015-11-1)

Regularly scheduled feature release.

9.1. commands

  • bookmark: do not crash when active bookmark is forward and --date is used
  • bookmarks: don't deactivate on no-op update (issue4901)

  • clone: fix updaterev to update to latest branch changeset (issue4528)

  • clonebundles: support for seeding clones from pre-generated bundles
  • commit: abort when a committemplate is not changed (BC)
  • help: distinguish sections when multiple match (issue4802)

  • help: pass around ui to doc loader (API)
  • help: pass around ui to rewriter hooks (API)
  • merge: perform all premerges before any merges (BC)
  • merge: abort on file/directory case folding collisions (issue4892)

  • phases: return zero for no-op operations (issue4751) (BC)

  • resolve: perform all premerges before performing any file merges (BC)

9.2. core

  • cmdutil: make in-memory changes visible to external editor (issue4378)

  • cmdutil: stop tryimportone from using dirstateguard (BC)
  • context: don't hex encode all unknown 20 char revision specs (issue4890)

  • dirstate: batch calls to statfiles (issue4878)

  • parsers: fix infinite loop or out-of-bound read in fm1readmarkers (issue4888)

  • revlog: add an aggressivemergedelta option
  • revlog: change generaldelta delta parent heuristic
  • revset: do not fall through to revspec for literal: branch (issue4838)

  • revsets: makes follow() supports file patterns (issue4757) (BC)

  • templater: add new docheader/footer components for XML (issue4135)

  • templater: create string unescape helper (issue4798)

  • templater: do not pre-evaluate generator keyword at runsymbol (issue4868)

  • templater: introduce {latesttag()} function to match a pattern (issue4184)

  • templater: switch ctx of list expression to rev of revset() (BC)
  • ui: change default path fallback mechanism (issue4796)

  • util: use tuple accessor to get accurate st_mtime value (issue4836)

  • wireproto: properly parse false boolean args (BC)

9.3. extensions

  • histedit: use one editor when multiple folds happen in a row (issue3524) (BC)

  • largefiles: better handling of merge of largefiles that are not available
  • mq: generate patch names from first line of description
  • rebase: avoid losing branch commits with --keepbranch (issue4835)

  • rebase: fix warning about ignoring tool option on rebase continue (issue4698)

  • rebase: fix wrong 'no changes to commit' when using --collapse
  • rebase: on abort delete rebase state file no matter what
  • rebase: properly abort when destination is public (issue4896)

  • rebase: properly handle chains of markers with missing nodes
  • shelve: bundle using bundle2 if repository is general delta (issue4862)

  • shelve: delete shelve statefile on any exception during abort
  • shelve: restore shelved dirstate explicitly after aborting transaction
  • shelve: restore unshelved dirstate explicitly after aborting transaction

9.4. hgweb

  • hgweb: consume generator inside context manager (issue4756)

  • hgweb: ensure both foreground and background colors are specified (issue4872)

  • hgweb: overwrite cwd to resolve file patterns relative to repo (issue4568)

9.5. unsorted

  • builddeb: actually run make when building the deb (issue4778)

  • buildrpm: mkdir -p two needed directories (issue4779)

  • bundle2: don't try to recover from a GeneratorExit (issue4785)

  • bundle: extend the format of --type to support version and compression
  • debian: install bash completion as hg and not mercurial (issue4900)

  • debian: install hgk as part of mercurial-common (issue4829)

  • dispatch: error out on invalid -R path even if optionalrepo (issue4805) (BC)

  • dispatch: stop warning about EPIPE in --debug mode
  • graphmod: compute slow revset query once prior to reachableroots (issue4782)

  • highlight: add highlightfiles config option which takes a fileset (issue3005)

  • highlight: add option to prevent content-only based fallback
  • highlight: exit early on textual and unknown files (issue3005)

  • incoming: request a bundle2 when possible (BC)
  • localrepo: recreate phasecache if changelog was modified (issue4855)

  • lock: loop a finite number of times in trylock (issue4787)

  • mercurial: add debugextensions command (issue4676)

  • minirst: don't treat top level item as children of last item (issue4803)

  • notify: fix fromauthor setting for 'incoming' hook type (issue4194)

  • posix: shellquote do not require quoting for "+" (issue4818)

  • reachableroots: verify integer range of heads argument (issue4775)

  • revpair: restrict odd-range handling to top-level x:y expression (issue4774)

  • revrange: drop old-style parser in favor of revset (API)
  • test-merge-tools: include /usr/sbin in path for sysctl (issue4813)

  • traceback: allow providing a local support contact point
  • treemanifest: rework lazy-copying code (issue4840)

  • windows: read all global config files, not just the first (issue4491) (BC)

  • worker: restore old countcpus code (issue4869)

10. Mercurial 3.5.2 (2015-10-01)

Regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • hgweb: use latest mtime for caching tag (issue4814)

  • largefiles: restore archiving largefiles with hgweb (issue4859)

  • localrepo: recreate phasecache if changelog was modified (issue4855)

  • monoblue: fix page subtitle on help pages
  • unbundle: cleanly abort on unknown bundle2 feature

11. Mercurial 3.5.1 (2015-09-01)

Regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • convert: fix git copy file content conversions
  • filesets: ignore unit case in size() predicate for single value
  • help: fix typo familar -> familiar

  • help: fix typo in scripting documentation
  • hg: avoid auto sharing when the clone destination is remote
  • hgweb: fix trust of templates path (BC)
  • histedit: backout ebb5bb9bc32e
  • largefiles: ensure lfutil.getstandinmatcher() only matches standins
  • match: fix a case-only rename + explicit path commit on icasefs (issue4768)

  • parsers: fix memory leak in compute_phases_map_sets
  • rebase: lock the repo during the full rebase operation
  • revset: prevent crash caused by empty group expression while optimizing "and"
  • revset: prevent crash caused by empty group expression while optimizing "or"
  • strip: use the 'finally: tr.release' pattern during stripping
  • update: wlock the repo for the whole 'hg update' command
  • wix: avoid an abort with 'hg help -k foo'

12. Mercurial 3.5 (2015-07-31)

Regularly-scheduled feature release.

12.1. commands

  • bookmark: informs of failure to upgrade a bookmark
  • bookmark: remove the "touch changelog" hack
  • bookmarks: abort the whole push if bookmarks fails to update (BC)
  • bookmarks: change bookmark within a transaction
  • bookmarks: clear active bookmark on non-linear update
  • bookmarks: mark internal-only config option
  • bookmarks: mark internal-only option
  • bookmarks: name label for active bookmark correctly
  • bookmarks: remove unused updatecurrentbookmark function (API)
  • bookmarks: rename bookmarkcurrent to activebookmark (API)
  • bookmarks: rename current to active in variables and comments
  • bookmarks: rename readcurrent to readactive (API)
  • bookmarks: rename setcurrent to activate (API)
  • bookmarks: rename unsetcurrent to deactivate (API)
  • bookmarks: simplify iscurrent to isactivewdirparent (API)
  • bookmarks: use try/except/finally
  • branch: don't warn about branches if repository has multiple branches already
  • commands: use the optional badfn argument when building a matcher
  • commands: use try/except/finally
  • commit: add ui.allowemptycommit config option
  • commit: avoid match.files() in conditions
  • commit: improve --close-branch documentation
  • commit: mark internal-only option
  • commit: no longer allow empty commit with the 'force' argument (API)
  • config: give it an includepaths option for looking for config files
  • files: recurse into subrepos automatically with an explicit path
  • import-checker: add xargs like mode
  • import-checker: don't treat modules as relative one if not found
  • import-checker: exclude mercurial packages installed into the system path
  • import-checker: loop to get list of locally defined modules at first
  • import: cross-reference patch.fuzz option from 'hg help import'
  • import: cross-reference ui.patch option from 'hg help import'
  • import: use ui.allowemptycommit to allow empty commits
  • log: add a status template
  • patch: add 'extra' argument to makememctx
  • patch: add fuzz config flag (issue4697)

  • phases: abort the whole push if phases fail to update (BC)
  • phases: fix bug where native phase computation wasn't called
  • phases: really fix native phase computation
  • pull: allow a generic way to pass parameters to the pull operation
  • pull: document the race condition with bookmark name
  • pull: only list remote bookmarks if -B is used to populate pulled heads
  • pull: only prefetch bookmarks when using bundle1
  • pull: prevent race condition in bookmark update when using -B (issue4689)

  • pull: skip pulling remote bookmarks with bundle1 if a value already exist
  • pull: skip pulling remote bookmarks with bundle2 if a value already exists
  • push: catch and process PushkeyFailed error

  • push: make pushkey part advisory
  • push: only say we are trying to push obsmarkers when we actually try
  • revert: fix edition of newly added file during --interactive
  • summary: add a phase line (draft, secret) to the output
  • summary: move the parents phase marker to commit line (issue4688)

  • tags: support reading tags cache without populating
  • tags: support setting hgtags fnodes cache entries
  • tags: use try/except/finally
  • verify: check the subrepository references in .hgsubstate
  • verify: clarify misleading fncache message

12.2. core

  • dirstate: ensure mv source is marked deleted when walking icasefs (issue4760)

  • ignore: fix include: rules depending on current directory (issue4759)

  • parsers: fix buffer overflow by invalid parent revision read from revlog
  • revlog: add support for a callback whenever revisions are added
  • revlog: raise an exception earlier if an entry is too large (issue4675)

  • revset: fix a crash in parents() when 'wdir()' is in the set
  • revset: fix iteration over ordered addset composed of non-ordered operands
  • revset: gratuitous formating fix in keyword
  • revset: improves time complexity of 'roots(xxx)'
  • revset: port extra() to support keyword arguments
  • revset: reduce nesting of chained 'or' operations (issue4624)

  • revsetbenchmarks: fix argument parsing
  • revsetbenchmarks: improve error output in case of failure
  • revsetbenchmarks: improve revision printing
  • revsetbenchmarks: support combining variants with "+"
  • templater: do not reevaluate rawstring as template (BC)
  • templater: remove noop calls of parsestring(s, quoted=False) (API)
  • templater: rename parsestring() to unquotestring() (API)
  • templater: take any string literals as template, but not for rawstring (BC)
  • templater: tokenize decimal integer literal (issue4638) (BC)

  • wireproto: correctly escape batched args and responses (issue4739)

12.3. extensions

  • convert: add config option for disabling ancestor parent checks
  • convert: add support for specifying multiple revs
  • convert: allow customizing git remote prefix
  • convert: apply the appropriate phases to the destination (issue4165)

  • convert: fix bug with converting the same commit twice
  • convert: handle copies when converting from Perforce (issue4744)

  • convert: handle deleted files when converting from Perforce (issue4743)

  • convert: handle deleted files when converting from Perforce (issue4743)

  • convert: improve support for unusual .gitmodules
  • convert: support incremental conversion with hg subrepos
  • convert: support multiple specifed revs in git source
  • convert: use 'default' for specifying branch name in branchmap (issue4753)

  • convert: when converting from Perforce use original local encoding by default (BC)
  • extdiff: allow modifications in subrepos to be copied back
  • highlight: produce correct markup when there's a blank line just before EOF
  • histedit: abort rather than edit a public changeset (issue4704)

  • histedit: mark defaultrev option experimental
  • largefiles: allow the archiving of largefiles to be disabled
  • largefiles: avoid match.files() in conditions
  • largefiles: ignore hidden changesets with 'verify --large --lfa'
  • largefiles: pass in whole matcher to getstandinmatcher()
  • largefiles: restore the original converter class after lfconvert --to-normal
  • largefiles: use the convert extension for 'lfconvert --to-normal'
  • largefiles: use the optional badfn argument when building a matcher
  • largefiles: use try/except/finally
  • mq: ban \r and \n in patch names (issue4711)

  • mq: tweak config reading to make check-config happy
  • mq: use the optional badfn argument when building a matcher
  • mq: use ui.allowemptycommit to allow empty commits
  • rebase: add short -k option for --keep
  • rebase: remove extraneous blank at the end of file
  • shelve: allow --patch and --stat without --list for a single shelf
  • shelve: always backup shelves instead of deleting them
  • shelve: keep old backups if timestamp can't decide exact order of them
  • shelve: make maxbackup doc check-config friendly
  • shelve: omit incorrect 'commit' suggestion at 'hg shelve -i'
  • shelve: only keep the latest N shelve backups
  • shelve: refactor allowables to specify sets of valid operations
  • shelve: use try/except/finally
  • transplant: restore dirstate correctly at unexpected failure

12.4. hgweb

  • hgweb: don't dereference symbolic revision in paper & coal style (issue2296)

  • paper: show branch/tags/bookmarks when blaming (issue3559)

  • paper: show branch/tags/bookmarks when browsing (issue3559)

  • paper: show branch/tags/bookmarks when comparing (issue3559)

  • paper: show branch/tags/bookmarks when diffing (issue3559)

  • paper: show branch/tags/bookmarks when viewing (issue3559)

12.5. unsorted

  • archive: drop the leading '.' path component from the prefix (issue4634)

  • archive: fix changesincelatesttag with wdir()
  • archive: support 'wdir()'
  • bufferedinputpipe: remove N^2 computation of buffer length (issue4735)

  • bundle2: fix type of experimental option
  • bundle2: pull bookmark the old way if no bundle2 listkeys support (issue4701)

  • canonpath: fix infinite recursion
  • censor: make various path forms available like other Mercurial commands
  • censor: mark experimental option
  • changegroup: compute seen files as changesets are added (issue4750)

  • changelog: change input type of index_get_parents
  • changelog: fix bug in heads computation
  • changelog: move index_get_parents function up
  • changelog: update read pending documentation
  • check-commit: catch both patterns of double empty lines
  • check-commit: print limit when user has a too-long summary
  • check-config: add config option checker
  • crecord: fix issue when backgrounding editor would leave artefact
  • demandimport: alias builtin as builtins
  • demandimport: define a 'deactivated' context manager
  • demandimport: support importing builtins for Python 3
  • devel: rename 'all' to 'all-warnings' (BC)
  • dispatch: add support for python-flamegraph[0] profiling
  • dispatch: disable demandimport for the --debugger option
  • email: fix config default value inconsistency
  • exchange: support transferring .hgtags fnodes mapping
  • extdiff: add support for subrepos
  • filemerge: mark internal-only config option
  • formatter: add template support
  • formatter: mark developer options
  • generaldelta: mark experimental reordering option
  • hg: support for auto sharing stores when cloning
  • hgewb: disable progress when serving (issue4582)

  • hghave: allow adding customized features at runtime
  • http2: mark experimental and developer options
  • localrepo: eliminate requirements class variable (API)
  • localrepo: kill off sopener (API)
  • localrepo: mark format options
  • mail: pass ui to sslutil.wrapsocket() even if verifycert is off (issue4713)

  • match: add an optional constructor parameter for a bad() override
  • match: add optional warn argument
  • match: introduce boolean prefix() method
  • match: resolve filesets in subrepos for commands given the '-S' argument
  • parser: factor out function that parses right-hand side of prefix/infix ops
  • parser: fill invalid infix and suffix actions by None
  • parser: reorder infix/suffix handling to be similar to prefix/primary flow
  • parser: resolve ambiguity where both prefix and primary actions are defined
  • parser: separate actions for primary expression and prefix operator
  • parser: take suffix action if no infix action is defined
  • pathutil: hint if a path is root relative instead of cwd relative (issue4663)

  • phase: default to current revision if no rev is provided (issue4666)

  • profiler: mark developer-only config option
  • progress: deprecate the progress extension
  • progress: mark experimental option
  • progress: respect ui.quiet (issue4726)

  • revrange: build balanced tree of addsets from revisions (issue4565)

  • run-tests: introduce PYTHON3 boolean constant (issue4668)

  • run-tests: move all open-coded sys.version_info checks to PYTHON3 (issue4668)

  • run-tests: move unicode-to-bytes operations on paths to a helper (issue4667)

  • run-tests: prefer PYTHON3 constant to many version_info checks (issue4668)

  • run-tests: replace open-coded .decode()s on paths with a helper (issue4667)

  • scmutil: add an optional parameter to matcher factories for a bad() override
  • scmutil: use the optional badfn argument when building a matcher
  • setup.py: drop compatibility with Python 2.4 and 2.5 (BC)
  • setup: hide octal literals inside strings so they're portable (issue4554)

  • sshpeer: break "OutOfBandError" feature for ssh (BC)

  • sshpeer: run the ssh command unbuffered
  • ssl: prompt passphrase of client key file via ui.getpass() (issue4648)

  • subrepo: mark internal-only option
  • templatekw: display active bookmark more consistently (issue4552) (BC)

  • test-discovery: disable bundle2 for legacy test (issue4610)

  • bookmarks: abort the whole push if bookmarks fails to update (BC)
  • phases: abort the whole push if phases fail to update (BC)
  • templater: do not reevaluate rawstring as template (BC)
  • templater: take any string literals as template, but not for rawstring (BC)
  • templater: tokenize decimal integer literal (issue4638) (BC)

  • bookmarks: remove unused updatecurrentbookmark function (API)
  • bookmarks: rename bookmarkcurrent to activebookmark (API)
  • bookmarks: rename readcurrent to readactive (API)
  • bookmarks: rename setcurrent to activate (API)
  • bookmarks: rename unsetcurrent to deactivate (API)
  • bookmarks: simplify iscurrent to isactivewdirparent (API)
  • commit: no longer allow empty commit with the 'force' argument (API)
  • templater: remove noop calls of parsestring(s, quoted=False) (API)
  • templater: rename parsestring() to unquotestring() (API)

13. Mercurial 3.4.2 (2015-07-01)

  • changegroup: properly compute common base in changeggroupsubset (issue4736)

  • crecord: fix a typo introduced when moving crecord to core
  • crecord: fix three typos introduced while moving crecord into core
  • hgwebdir: avoid redundant repo and directory entries when 'web.name' is set
  • hgwebdir: don't allow the hidden parent of a subrepo to show as a directory
  • parsers: do not cache RevlogError type (issue4451)

  • pull: avoid race condition with 'hg pull --rev name --update' (issue4706)

  • templater: do not preprocess template string in "if" expression (issue4714)

  • templater: evaluate arguments passed to diff() appropriately
  • templater: parse \"...\" as string for 2.9.2-3.4 compatibility (issue4733)

  • transplant: only pull the transplanted revision (issue4692)

  • transplant: update test to use hash for remote transplant

14. Mercurial 3.4.1 (2015-06-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.

  • archive: always use portable path component separators with subrepos
  • commands: hide formatter option as EXPERIMENTAL, not as DEPRECATED
  • context: don't complain about a matcher's subrepo paths in changectx.walk()
  • convert: properly pass null ids through .hgtags (issue4678)

  • extensions: clear aftercallbacks after execution (issue4646)

  • hgweb: bring back infinite scroll in shortlog of paper style
  • histedit: fix --continue when rules are finished
  • histedit: fix --edit-plan
  • histedit: fix keep during --continue
  • histedit: fix serializing of None backupfile
  • histedit: fix test-histedit-edit on vfat
  • localrepo: pass hook argument txnid to pretxnopen hooks
  • localrepo: rename hook argument from TXNID to txnid (BC)
  • localrepo: use correct argument name for pretxnclose hooks (BC)
  • match: explicitly naming a subrepo implies always() for the submatcher
  • mergecopies: avoid slowdown from linkrev adjustment (issue4680)

  • rebase: check that the bookmark is still valid when restoring (issue4669)

  • rebase: clear merge when aborting before any rebasing (issue4661)

  • revbranchcache: return uncached branchinfo for nullrev (issue4683)

  • revset: drop magic of fullreposet membership test (issue4682)

  • revset: id() called with 40-byte strings should give the same results as for short strings
  • revset: map postfix '%' to only() to optimize operand recursively (issue4670)

  • ssh: capture output with bundle2 again (issue4642)

  • templatekw: compare target context and its parent exactly (issue4690)

  • templater: do not process \-escapes at parsestring() (issue4290)

  • templater: fix crash by passing invalid object to date() function
  • templater: strictly parse leading backslashes of '{' (issue4569) (BC)

  • transaction: really fix _addbackupentry key usage (issue4684)

  • transaction: separate calculating TXNID from creating transaction object
  • transaction: use the proper variable in '_addbackupentry' (issue4684)

  • util.checkcase: don't abort on broken symlinks

15. Mercurial 3.4 (2015-05-01)

This is a regularly-scheduled feature release.

15.1. commands

  • annotate: add option to annotate working-directory files
  • annotate: always prepare ancestry context of base fctx (issue4600)

  • annotate: always adjust linkrev before walking down to parents (issue4623)

  • annotate: prepare ancestry context of workingfilectx
  • bookmarks: add incoming() to replace diff() for incoming bookmarks
  • bookmarks: add outgoing() to replace diff() for outgoing bookmarks
  • bookmarks: check @pathalias suffix before available @number for efficiency
  • bookmarks: enhance test of showing detail about incoming/outgoing bookmarks
  • bookmarks: prevent divergent bookmark from being updated unexpectedly
  • bookmarks: reuse @number bookmark, if it refers changeset referred remotely
  • bookmarks: rewrite comparing bookmarks in commands.summary() by compare()
  • bookmarks: show detailed status about incoming/outgoing bookmarks
  • clone: add progress support to hardlink clones (issue3059)

  • commands.import: accept a prefix option
  • commands.push: abort when revisions evaluate to empty set (BC)
  • commands: add ui.statuscopies config knob
  • debuginstall: expand the editor path before searching for it (issue4380)

  • files: split reusable implementation into cmdutil for subrepo support
  • files: use ctx object to access dirstate
  • graft: allow creating sibling grafts
  • graft: record intermediate grafts in extras
  • log: display closing-branch nodes as "_" (BC)
  • log: fix --follow null parent not to include revision 0
  • log: make -fr show complete history from the given revs (BC)
  • log: prefer 'wctx' over 'pctx' for working context
  • patch.internalpatch: accept a prefix parameter
  • patch.internalpatch: add a default value for prefix
  • patch: rename pathstrip to pathtransform
  • pull: print "pulling from foo" before accessing the other repo
  • push: acquire local 'wlock' if "pushback" is expected (BC) (issue4596)

  • resolve: silence warning of unknown pats for -l/--list (BC)
  • revert: evaluate filesets against working directory (issue4497)

  • revert: fix --interactive on local modification (issue4576)

  • revert: stop marking files clean after interactive revert (issue4592)

  • revert: accept just -I/-X without paths or -a/-i (issue4592)

  • revert: apply normallookup on reverted file if size isn't changed (issue4583)

  • revert: restore the ability to revert across case only renames (issue4481)

  • status: add relative directory help text (issue3835)

15.2. core

  • bundle2: capture transaction rollback message output (issue4614)

  • bundle2: disable ouput capture unless we use http (issue4613 issue4615)

  • changelog: fix readpending if no pending data exist (issue4609)

  • dirstate: fix order of initializing nf vs f
  • filelog: allow censored files to contain padding data
  • merge: run update hook after the last wlock release
  • pushkey: flush pending data before running a pre-pushkey hook (issue4607)

  • repoview: improve compute staticblockers perf
  • revlog: _addrevision creates full-replace deltas based on censored revisions
  • revlog: add "iscensored()" to revlog public API
  • revlog: addgroup checks if incoming deltas add censored revs, sets flag bit
  • revlog: in addgroup, reject ill-formed deltas based on censored nodes
  • revlog: make converting from inline to non-line work after a strip
  • revlog: special case expanding full-replacement deltas received by exchange
  • subrepo: don't write .hgsubstate lines with empty subrepo state (issue4622)

  • subrepo: update the help text to account for diff -I/-X gitsubrepo support
  • tags: establish a separate and shared cache of .hgtags filenodes
  • tags: change format of tags cache files
  • tags: have a different cache file per filter level
  • ui: disable revsetaliases in plain mode (BC)
  • util: add progress callback support to copyfiles
  • windows: make shellquote() quote any path containing '\' (issue4629)

15.3. extensions

  • color: be more conservative about setting ANSI mode on Windows (BC)
  • color: fix crash in cmd.exe
  • color: omit terminfo/win32 warning if non-interactive (issue4543)

  • color: support a different color mode when the pager is active
  • convert: adjust progress bar for octopus merges (issue4169)

  • histedit: add --edit-plan option to histedit
  • histedit: allow histedit --continue when not on a descendant (BC)
  • histedit: fix preventing strips during histedit
  • histedit: fix style of new error message
  • histedit: improve roll action integration with fold
  • histedit: fix rollup prompting for a commit message (issue4606)

  • largefiles: don't crash when cloning to a remote repo
  • largefiles: don't mangle filesets when fixing up the log matcher
  • largefiles: always consider updatelfiles 'checked' parameter set
  • largefiles: avoid infinite recursive call of openlfdirstate in overriderevert
  • largefiles: don't create chain of contains calls

  • largefiles: don't prefix standin patterns with '.hglf' when logging
  • largefiles: don't warn when reverting a forgotten largefile
  • largefiles: extract and reuse 'standin' variable in overriderevert()
  • largefiles: for update -C, only update largefiles when necessary
  • largefiles: handle logging from outside the repo
  • largefiles: introduce lfutil.findstorepath()
  • largefiles: override cmdutil.revert() instead of comands.revert()
  • largefiles: report the source of copied/moved largefiles in status -C
  • largefiles: set the extension as enabled locally after a clone requiring it
  • largefiles: teach log to handle patterns
  • largefiles: update _subdirlfs() comment
  • largefiles: use common function to build content of .hg_archival.txt
  • largefiles: use lfutil.findstorepath() when verifying a local repo
  • largefiles: use the core file copy logic to validate the destination path
  • largefiles: use the share source as the primary local store (issue4471)

  • mq: avoid silent failure when single patch doesn't apply (issue4604)

  • rebase: don't forward "source" argument to rebase (issue4633)

  • rebase: restore bookmark state on abort
  • record: edit patch of newly added files (issue4304)

  • record: fix adding new file with record from within a subdir (issue4626)

  • record: fix record with change on moved file crashes (issue4619)

  • shelve: acquire lock in the right order
  • shelve: add interactive mode
  • shelve: add interactive mode command line option

15.4. hgweb

  • hgweb: resurrect <span> tag on diffline to fix rendering in monoblue style

  • hgweb: use introrev() for finding parents (issue4506)

  • json: implement {bookmarks} template
  • json: implement {branches} template
  • json: implement {changeset} template
  • json: implement {comparison} template
  • json: implement {fileannotate} template
  • json: implement {filediff} template
  • json: implement {helptopics} template
  • json: implement {help} template
  • json: implement {manifest} template
  • json: implement {shortlog} and {changelog} templates
  • json: implement {tags} template

15.5. unsorted

  • archive: change the default prefix to '' from None

  • archive: look for first visible revision to build repo identity (issue4591)

  • bundle2-localpeer: properly propagate the server output on error (issue4594)

  • bundle2-wireproto: properly propagate the server output on error (issue4594)

  • changeset_printer: display p1rev:p1node with "+" suffix for workingctx
  • check-commit: be more picky about detection of wrong bug tag
  • check-commit: check capitalization in summary lines
  • churn: deprecate -t option in favour of -T
  • crecord: fix another underbar
  • crecord: fix underbar style for orig_stdout
  • devel-warn: add a prefix to all messages ("devel-warn: ")
  • dirs._addpath: don't mutate Python strings after exposing them (issue4589)

  • dispatch: consolidate formatting of ParseErrors

  • dispatch: offer near-edit-distance suggestions for {file,rev}set functions
  • dispatch: offer suggestions of similar-named commands
  • extensions: support callbacks after another extension loads
  • get-with-headers: support parsing and pretty printing JSON
  • graphlog: do not bypass commands.log so that -fr works
  • graphlog: move comment and flag denoting revs might be unsorted
  • graphlog: remove too early return from getgraphlogrevs() for empty repo
  • lazymanifest: fix memory leak in lmiter_iterentriesnext() after 3d485727e45e
  • lazymanifest: fix pure hg iterkeys()
  • linkrev: fix issue with annotate of working copy
  • manifestv2: add support for reading new manifest format
  • manifestv2: add support for writing new manifest format
  • obsolete: avoid infinite loop from obs-cycle in divergence (issue4126)

  • record: add interactive option to the commit command
  • record: allow editing new files (issue4304)

  • record_curses: fix ui bug for newly added file
  • revbranchcache: add test for when the cache is not writable
  • revbranchcache: move out of branchmap onto localrepo
  • revbranchcache: populate cache incrementally
  • revbranchcache: store repo on the object
  • revbranchcache: write cache even during read operations
  • revrange: don't parse revset aliases as hash prefixes (issue4553)

  • rollback: clear resolve state (issue4593)

  • ssl: resolve symlink before checking for Apple python executable (issue4588)

  • ssl: set explicit symbol "!" to web.cacerts to disable SSL verification (BC)
  • strip: properly clear resolve state with --keep (issue4593)

  • subrepo: add 'cat' support for git subrepos
  • subrepo: add basic support to hgsubrepo for the files command
  • subrepo: add include/exclude support for diffing git subrepos
  • subrepo: add status support for ignored and clean files in git subrepos
  • subrepo: change arguments of abstractsubrepo.init (API)

  • subrepos: support adding files in git subrepos
  • test-convert-git: show insane progress bar with octopus merge (issue4169)

  • test-histedit-edit.t: demonstrate qnew fails during a histedit (issue4366)

  • test-https: enable dummycert test only if Apple python is used (issue4500)

  • test-shelve: be more lenient about whitespace (issue4124)

  • tests: add test showing tags cache drops filtered heads (issue4550)

  • tests: handle deleted .hg directory (git 2.2.0 and higher) (issue4585)

  • trydiff: join filename with prefix only once
  • unbundle: acquire 'wlock' when processing bundle2 (BC) (issue4596)

  • webcommands: define a dict of available commands
  • webcommands: define web commands using a decorator

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