Win32mbcs Extension

This extension is currently being distributed along with Mercurial.

Author: Shun-ichi Goto


There is a well known issue "0x5c problem" on Windows related to the incorrect handling of path names that are raw encoded using byte sequences of "problematic" encodings like shift_jis or big5.

The primary intent of this extension is to allow using such a encoding on Mercurial without strange file operation errors.

The encoding used for filenames is the same as the one used for the terminal by default. You can change the encoding by setting the HGENCODING environment variable. This may be needed if the required encoding doesn't match with the system local encoding, which is used as default.

This extension is usefull for:

Note: Unix people don't need to use this extension.


Enable the extension in the configuration file (hgrc):



This extension doesn't require user interaction to work.

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