Work On Revising The Definitive Guide

An effort to refresh the Mercurial book, started in May 2011.


This is a page to contain information about the ongoing community effort to revise Bryan O'Sullivan's Mercurial: The Definitive Guide.

The current phase of the project is to collect proposed changes to the book -- e.g, areas that must be revised because they are no longer relevant, subjects that should be covered but are missing, etc. One of the important goals is to make sure the book stays relevant to newcomers, so it might be a good idea to separate out "advanced topics" somehow. But an area for "Why is it important?" is included in the lists below so we can have a basis for starting a discussion if someone is concerned about a topic being too advanced or not a good fit for the book.

If you have a suggestion for an area to be improved or revised, or have the necessary expertise and would like to volunteer to write on a suggested topic, please enter the appropriate information in the list below. If you already see an author who has volunteered but would still like to volunteer, then please enter your name. If you want to write about a certain aspect of the topic, then also document that so others can see where their expertise can fill a missing gap. We want to encourage collaboration on the project.

Proposed Topics

Summary command

Named branches





Deprecated features


The repository being used for this work is located at

Anyone wishing to contribute should fork this repository and submit changes back as a pull request.


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