Yun Lee

Email: < AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

IRC: yunlee on #mercurial

About me

I'm a girl postgraduate, majoring in Computer Science.

I have passed GSOC 2010 with DERBY as my project[1]. And this year, I'm interested in Mercurial and wish to do some contribution for this smart distributed VCS.

I have set up the development environment on Ubuntu, read the code related to help system and done some hacking on it. Furthermore, I have created some issues[2.] on BTS and provided some patches, some of them are accepted, and some are in queue. Much of my work relates closely to my proposal title "Improve Mercurial's built-in help". Besides, in my communication in mailing list and IRC, I have got much advice and encouragement.


I have applied for GSoC 2011, here is my proposal, and you can see my work on this project here.




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