Olivia Mackall

Olivia Mackall was the primary Mercurial author and former project leader. She has been involved in open source development since the early 1990s and started developing Mercurial in April 2005; she resigned from the project in 2016.

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2. Don't write to me, use the list!

Like most open source developers, my time for Mercurial is a valuable public resource and I do not scale! Thus it is a bad use of my time to answer Mercurial questions except in public forums where other people and search engines will benefit. Please send all questions to our mailing list (no subscription necessary). I will forward or delete all other Mercurial correspondence.

3. Contact

/!\ Please direct all email to the public mailing lists.

IRC: mpm on irc.freenode.net, office hours from 12pm to 5pm CST/CDT

Twitter: mpmselenic

Blog: internal fragmentation

4. Things I might direct you to read

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